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5E Using AiME 5e class in traditional 5e campaign?


Has anyone done this, using a class from AiME (Adventures in Middle Earth) and porting it over into a traditional D&D game? Like using the Warrior weapon master class for example?

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Jewel of the North
I tried, but its clunky.
All the features using Inspiration or HD as fuel are not something regular 5e does, its kind of weird when all other classes have features resetting on short/long rest.

The high emphasis on journey and exploration phase without long rest is strange when regular 5e focus so much on the combat pillar. (I'm a big fan of using the Wanderer to replace to 5e ranger when a player do not want to deal with spells).

You need to replace most features relating to Shadow Points, which can be a lot of work. (I wish regular 5e had a sanity mechanic like Exhaustion to challenge PCs beyond bodily threats)

What I would do, given time:
Give the Master Healer (scholar) to the wizard
Give the Rider and Foehammer (slayer) to the barbarian
Give the Burglar (treasure hunter) to the rogue
Give the Bounder (warden) to the ranger
Give the Herald( warden) to the fighter as a skald archetype (need some rework: sacrifice 1 attack instead of bardic inspiration).
Give the Weapon Master (warrior) to the fighter

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