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[v.3.5] Realmsian Dragonstar: The Battle of Toril PbP Game [IC] (Game Cancelled)


World of Kulan DM
Soumral takes note of everything that Torm says about the other gods, and hopes that she can find evidence to help figure out what is going on.

"A flying ship? That certainly would be useful. Considering how long it would take us to get to Anauroch by foot, it might be worth the risk to detour south instead of north."

"Does anyone know how to operate this... spelljammer?"
"If it is a spelljammer, it will require a skilled mage to fly it," Ulraunt replies. "While I haven't seen such a flying ship in decades, I can tell you that learning how to fly one isn't extremely difficult. It can be very hard on the body, however. And with the Weave gone, it might take a Chosen to fly one now. Or someone connected to the Shadow Weave."

Many eyes glance towards Silhouette.

"Doubtful. If only there were a library around here somewhere," Silhouette said with an amused glint in her eye. "That said, having such a vessel under our control answers any number of questions that previously had no good reply. It would be worth our time to find it."
"Yes, I know that there are several books about those sorts of ships in the library, but it will take a few hours to find them," the Keeper adds. "I think we should adjourn. I will escort Lady Silhouette and Mr. Belgeon into the library, personally. Oghma has commanded that normal strictures be set aside, but I'd still prefer to limit the number of 'guests' wandering through the library. But if any of you at this table feel you must enter, then Oghma commands that I must permit you. And Lord Torm, you are welcome, of course."

"Nay, I should help with martial matters," the ex-god replies. He stands and looks at Zorbath. "You are with me, Gatewarden. I shall drill your troops myself and see what they are made of."

"We, we are honored," Zorbath replies with reverence.

"Do not be honored until after you find out how hard I'm going to push your watchers." He nods to each of you before leaving the table and heading out of the temple. Zorbath and ever guard goes with him, as well as most of the refugees and a handful of the monks.

"Minsc and I cannot pass up the opportunity to learn from Torm the True," Landor says. "Right, Minsc!"

"Swords, not words!" The big man says eagerly.

"Imoen, go with Silhouette and Belgeon," the bhaalspawn says to his friend. "Help anyway you can."

"Uhm, okay," she says wearily.

"She should rest, Landor. As will I," Yoshimo insists. "Remember that we don't have your stamina."

"Very well."

"I'm ready to fall over right here," Loranys says with a yawn. "I was ready to sleep hours ago."

"I will go with you," Bentley says to Sil. "With your permission, of course, Keeper."

"Oghma has given you permission, Master Mirrorshade," Ulraunt replies. "You do not have to ask for mine as well."

The gnome nods.

"I will go find Rodan and try to get him to calm down," the Magister says. "If I can convince him, we will meet you in the library."

"I feel that I must leave," Jaheira says. Her words are surprising to her friends. "I must go to the Forest of Mir and warn my enclave of the dangers to come, if it hasn't reached their ears yet. It is my duty." She asks the Magister how far she can Wind Walk her towards Tethyr.

"I can get you to Beregost from here without exerting myself," the Magister says. "With a little more effort, I can get you halfway to Nashkel. It would be better for you to wait and go with the others."

"No, I know them too well," the druid replies. "They will try to convince me to go with them to the north. It's in their nature."

"Jah–" Imoen says.

"No, child!" Jaheira insists. "I must go to my elders, to my people. If I can, I will join you all later."

"Be well, Jaheira." Landor says calmly with his back to her.

"Landor, I, I'm sorry, I have to do this," she says with a tear in her eye.

"I know." Landor and Minsc head out of the temple.

Yoshimo bows to the druid and to Yin Hun as well before he leads Imoen and Loranys out of the temple. Loranys yawns and leans on Imoen. Reflexively, Belgeon tries to stifle a yawn.

"You as well," Ulraunt insists. "Get some rest, and I will have the monks wake you in four hours."

"N- no, I'm all right," the ex-Fist says as he tries to stand and begins to tip over. The Keeper snaps his fingers and two monks swoop in to catch the young warrior before he hits the floor. Belgeon looks more boy than man as they carry him out of the temple.

Jaheira bows to Yin Hun. "I must go apologize to your friend, Rodan, before I go. I said some things to him I regret. I hope I will see you again," she leaves the temple with the Magister.

Ulraunt looks at both Soumral and Yin Hun before asking, "Do you wish to enter the library as well?"
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Yin Hun nods to Ulraunt. "I'll have Emiko join us there, she's good a taking notes. We'll need her help to sift through all the info."

Buddha the DM

Soumral goes in search of a bow to purchase along with a quiver of arrows. Once she has found her sought after items she'll search out a position from which she can keep an eye out for anyone approaching.


World of Kulan DM
Part One: Emiko reaches Caranarth

Yin Hun nods to Ulraunt. "I'll have Emiko join us there, she's good a taking notes. We'll need her help to sift through all the info."
While Torm is speaking to all those gathered in the temple, Emiko is working her magic trying to get in contact with Rebel Three. She tries to bounce the signal off the scattering field surrounding the planet, which goes nowhere. She knew it was a long shot. She picks up dozens of Imperial signals but they are all encoded. Imperial signals are tough to hack, and if she fails, they might detect her.

She comes across strange signals emnating from the far southwest, which would put them somewhere in what she's learned is the Trackless Sea. If she can only remember, yes, a place called Lantan. The signals seem to be a form of primitive radio waves. She is able to boost her signal enough to make contact but all she hears is static. Then, she gets an idea. She isolates the signal and amplifies and encrypts it using a false Imperial code that Rebel Three will recognize.

"Hey, I'm getting something," she hears a young female voice coming through the comms. It isn't Caranarth's. "Hello, can you hear me? Are you a rebel too?"

She tries to respond but the person on the other end cannot hear her.

"Don't say anything!" A loud voice booms. "It could be the empire homing in on us."

"Give me that," Caranarth snaps. "Go help the others."

"Okay, I'm sorry. But you did say for me to watch it."

"I know, I know," Caranarth says more gently. "Now, go on and be a good lad and help the others."

"Okay, Car!"

"Geez, these kids. They're so, resiliant."

Emiko waits while Caranarth validates her signal. She can hear him working his own gear on the other end to try to clear up the static in the background.

"I'm going to assume you can hear me, Blue Star. Our situation is dire. The region known as the Dalelands has fallen. The only holdout is a place called Essembra in the cormanthor forest. We're, well, I think it's best you don't know where we are for now. The Imperials are damn well everywhere. It's turning into a gobble shoot. If we didn't have a powerful local helping us, we've died half-a-dozen times. He's a bigwig mystic.

"Rebel One isn't sure where to go next. There is no way for us to make it Anauroch. The blasted Imperials are everywhere and these Zhents are falling them fanatically. Something about some local god called Cyric."

A voice interrupts Caranarth. "May I speak to her?"

"Sure, but use the code–"

"Your codenames are not required, for now," a male voice says. "I have sealed the signal with magic. We may speak to this Emiko freely."

"Are you sure?"

"I wouldn't have spoke her name if I wasn't sure." For a moment there is silence then the male voice continues. "Hello, Lady Emiko, I am Elminster of," he pauses. "I am Elminster. Tell your companions that we cannot come to your aid at this time. For while the Dalelands have fallen, Cormyr still stands in defiance of the Dragon Empire, as does Aglarond, Impiltur, and Turmish. However, the Imperials have swayed all the city-states of the Moonsea and are working now to buyoff Sembia. I doubt we can count on them."

"Emiko," Caranarth adds. "Your team needs to find Rebel Two, Gaspar. His name is Gaspar. He's undercover and using a different alias. I'll send that to you in an encypted data packet." Emiko hears keys being tapped and then silence. "That should do it."

Emiko opens the data packet. The man's alias is Taggs Robsstan. In the data packet is a personal homing frequency as well.

"I wish I knew more," Caranarth says with a sigh. "I know he's working closely with someone, but I don't think he's recruited them. You need to find him, Emiko. If we don't get those codes, we're screwed."

"We need to save your battery," Elminster insists. "Contact her again later, if possible."

"Take care, Blue Star," Caranarth says. Then the signal cuts out.

Yin Hun comes in over the comms and tells her to meet him and the other in the library.
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Upon joining Yin Hun and Silhouette, Emiko relays to them what she had learned.

"At least there's a bright spot in all that bad news," Yin Hun says. "Good work, Emi. We've got something tangible to go on now. And it's nice to know we still have allies out there."

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