WotC Vecna Eve of Ruin: Everything You Need To Know

WotC has posted a 19-minute video telling you 'everything you need to know' about Vecna: Eve Of Ruin.
  • Starts at 10th level, goes to 20th.
  • Classic villains and setting, famous characters, D&D's legacy.
  • Vecna wants to become the supreme being of the multiverse.
  • Vecna is a god of secrets and secrets and the power of secrets are a theme throughout the book.
  • A mechanical subsystem for using the power of secrets during combat.
  • Going back to Ravenloft, the Nine Hells, places where 5th Edition has been in the last 10 years.
  • It would be a fun 'meta experience' for players to visit locations they remember lore about.
  • Finding pieces of the Rod of Seven Parts, pieces throughout the multiverse.
  • Each piece in one of seven distinct planes or settings.
  • Allustriel Silverhand has noticed something is wrong, puts call out to Tasha and Mordenkainen, who come to her sanctum in Sigil.
  • The (10th level) PCs are fated to confront Vecna.
  • Lord Soth and Strahd show up. Tiamat is mentioned but doesn't appear 'on screen'.
  • Twists, turns, spoilers.
  • It's a 'love letter to D&D'.

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Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 23.09.26.png

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Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 23.31.14.png

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Anyone else notice that they used time travel as a way to have a none Archfey Tasha for this?

Btw this is the first time to my knowledge that Tasha herself has appeared in the Forgotten Realms.

Also they mention some Gods die in this adventure, watch Mystra dies, AGAIN, but Tasha is there to merge with a dying Mystra to become the new Goddess of Magic.
Unlikely. Also Tasha is not in the Forgotten Realms, the 3 Wizards are meeting in Sigil.



Szazz Tam for FR? Or even the Dead Three as I mentioned in my last post?

Iuz would make a lot of sense for Greyhawk, given his connections to two of our wizards here, and he was mentioned in the Saltmarsh adventure. Tasha/Iggwilv might have entrusted part of the Rod to her son, maybe? If not him, maybe Rory?
Yeah, some smaller scale (compared to Vecna) Big Bad for each of the 7 Settings seems likely, with Lord Soth and Count Strahd being the easy given pickings.

The Dead Three would make sense for the FR, as they didn't really see any resolution in Baldur's Gate.

Iuz for Greyhawk would make a lot of sense.

Llolth is the one major Demon Prince who hasn't really had a big appearance in 5E, would she maybe make sense for Planescape?

Leaving Spelljammer and Eberron as question marks. Eberron is loaded with potential antagonists, and Ibwould suppose Spelljammer will tie in LoX in some way...
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