D&D 5E Vecna: Nest of the Eldritch Eye

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This thread is for the general discussion of Vecna: Nest of the Eldritch Eye. Click on Overview for more information.

Bonus prequel adventure for Eve of Ruin.
the overview calendar block says March 16, the text April 16…

DDB has the following to say “This single-session adventure prepares you for the final confrontation in Vecna: Eve of Ruin”. I am surprised by when it takes place.

Erm. They’re not? Not when I click on them.
Weird, my phone must be causing it.

This is the thread I'm being routed to for some reason:

EDIT: I'm on my computer now, and it's routing right, but my phone still wants to go to that thread. Really weird and petty funny actually...
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Yeah, I am confused by the different ways they’ve described this adventure. Is it supposed to be run before the hardcover adventure, or is it one that you insert into the main adventure just before the climax?
It lo9ks like a one-shot extra lead-in to the hardcover Campaign: I imagine the book itself will have advice on using prior WotC Campaigns or starting at Level 10.

Maybe it means it's a narrative prequal, featuring different characters? Maybe you play as Mordenkainan, Elminster and Tasha, confronting Vecna in his lair, and discovering they are unable to stop him without sending a bunch of PCs off on a multiversal FedEx quest?

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