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D&D 5E Nest of the Eldritch Eye Was Released To Eve of Ruin Pre-order Customers

Exclusively on D&D Beyond for those who pre-ordered.

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Vecna: Nest of the Eldritch Eye has been released to those who pre-ordered Vecna: Eve of Ruin from D&D Beyond.

It's a small dungeon crawl for 3rd-level characters in Neverwinter's sewers, largely used to seed the idea of Vecna early in a campaign long before Eve of Ruin's 10th-level campaign. Those who pre-ordered can grab it now--it is only available exclusively to those who pre-ordered Eve of Ruin from D&D Beyond.

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Golden Procrastinator
It's so hard for me to judge how long these things should take. The adventure actually says "two or three hours". But I know how varied groups can be.

"We finished Lost Mine of Phandelver in eight weeks." "Oh, we've been playing for over a year!"


With this group we're usually rather slow, but I was keen on finishing the adventure in one session, andI was able to "encourage" a brisk pace (for our standards).

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Yes. It's fine, while hardly essential.

Take your group of four to six level 3 characters into the sewers of Neverwinter! Find a small cult to Vecna and defeat them! Work for Lord Neverember!

A few nice touches in the dungeon encounters. It's a 15-area dungeon plus an introductory encounter.

Five of the encounter areas have combats. Given the level range, I'd expect it can be completed in 3-5 hours, but as I run combat quickly, might be slower for some groups. There's exploration and the possibility of some roleplaying. (Incredibly, the party can cause one room of cultists to surrender with an Intimidate check! Experienced players might not even try...)

It seems most of use in an ongoing level 1-20 campaign where you use it to seed in the idea of Vecna existing early on, then return to it for the level 10-20 Vecna: He's Really Really Alive Now* (sorry: Eve of Ruin) campaign later on.

To play this adventure first, then fast-forward levels to starting Eve of Ruin doesn't seem particularly worthwhile.

Anything else you'd like to know?


* Vecna Lives! Vecna Reborn! Die! Vecna Die! - obviously the next one is "Vecna, He's Really Really Alive Now!".
Next time, he's going to the hairdresser. It'll be called "Dye, Vecna, Dye!"

Or maybe he's been eating too many high-ectoplasm souls, and it will be "Diet, Vecna, Diet!"

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