Vecna: Eve of Ruin Platinum Edition

D&D 5E There's A Platinum Vecna: Eve of Ruin From Beadle & Grimm This Summer

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Queer Venger

Dungeon Master is my Dad
Yep! Plus it's not like they don't have a track record of these exact same products for past adventures. I could probably guess the contents right now with about 90% accuracy.

I'm a bit torn on this oddly because I have several and absolutely LOVE Beadle & Grimm's products, but I'm actually iffy on it being an adventure I'd want to run. So B&G's quality is always stellar, but I haven't been as excited about the underlying WotC adventures for a bit. Often the contents are worth it to loot for repurposing to homebrew adventures, but it's still a lot to invest in when I don't have as much faith in WotC's adventures being right for my group. We'll see.
Hear you.
I never run these adventures without heavily changing, adding, home brewing and editing (doing this right now with CoS). Good DM's know how to do this. Just like any filmmaker/director, you always take the source material and make it yours, make it fit for your group, your style.

This is now 30 years of how I run pre-made adventures.

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