Verys Arkon's Character Booklet (v2) New 1 page version beta.


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Super! This the sheet I have been looking for since. . .forever. I'm sharing it with all my friends...


PS - Thanks a ton, you rock so hard!

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First Post
I picked a character sheet for my group to use within the first few weeks of play. I only just noticed your sig, Verys and after your great work on the 4e pre-release rules compilation I thought I'd check it out.

I'm amazed. My group will definitely be making the switch as soon as I buy more ink for my printer.

Here is a stripped down 1 page (double sided) version of the booklet, for use with power cards. I've taken out the power reference sheet, a lot of the fluffy sections (personality, history), and focused on crunchy bits.

It is in PDF letter without form-fill or autocalculate until I get some feedback on layout first (its a pain to alter after!)

I'd like to hear what people think, especially from those that wanted a power-card friendly version.

In the meantime, I'll make some tweaks to the old 2 page booklet and update them later this week.


Thanks for the update. Have been using this (version 1.2) for a couple of weeks and another player noticed it and wanted to try it out. Our group has a mix of just character sheet users and power card users. Will get back to you after this weeks session w/ feedback.

Appreciate you not giving up on the project.

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Last weeks session was canceled but here goes with some observations filling out both sheets.
-2 of the emblems (for AC & Reflex save) could be slightly bigger. Feels cramped filling these in compared to the other two.
-Hit Point workspace needs an additional square for adding up HP's. For either a feat bonus (eg toughness) or PP (eg dreadnought).
-Ability score workspace feels cramped writing in the final score. Looks like you have room for an additional line in that workspace that you're not using
why not make the final (Total) a square instead of a rectangle, and bigger..use up the dead space.

That's my 2 cents.
In case I haven't mentioned it previously, really like the overall design.



Doors and Corners
I'm surprised it isn't more popular as well, because everyone in my group prefers it over the others we've found by far.
I'm sure as time passes, more and more downloads will happen.

For example, I didn't know this existed before today... then I downloaded, looked over and said, "coooooool."

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