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Void Empires : 2750 - early version now available (and Free)


Good evening all,

I would like to invite you all to take a gander, a look, critique, fully play and enjoy Void Empires : 2750 - a sci fi space opera style RPG.

Like many of you, I got into tabletop roleplaying games some time ago. After many years of GMing and playing, I found myself play-testing, then contributing and finally even authoring on a major Mongoose Traveller 2e product. At the conclusion of that positive experience, I realised that despite the amount of sci-fi RPGs out there, I (and my gaming crew) felt that something was missing. We wanted something that combined many of the tropes, systems and customization we loved from what existed, into one neat system.

My goal was to create a tabletop rpg with a simple system that is however rich in customization when it comes to your character, your power armor, your vehicle, or your spacecraft. 3 years elapsed and I believe I'm in a good place to share the current version with you all. A quick over view:

-Mostly built as a tool-kit to be used with any homebrew races, cultures or polities.
-Some areas are marked as unfinished.
-2d6 based, skill based game.
-Much placeholder "blank" art - my apologies, but this project is completely funded out of pocket and my illustration skills are non-existent.

Two links are provided below, the first being the core rules (personal scale), and the second being a rough draft/working copy of the space operations and spacecraft construction and such.

Core Rules: Space Combat & Craft Customization:
I welcome all your critique, advice, notes on what you like and what you don't! Feel free to provide them here or to email me at void2750@gmail.com

Thanks and Enjoy!

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I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mildra, the Gaming Monk himself! Thank you Mildra for the opportunity!

You can find the interview here:

I will be launching a discord channel soon for the game where interested parties can drop by and chat! Thank you all for the positive feedback and critique!


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