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After a few years and many interruptions, my project is now complete! I would like to invite you all to critique, play, enjoy, complain and use Void Empires : 2750 - a sci fi space opera style RPG - in which ever way you want!

After years of GMing and playing many different tabletop RPGs, I found myself play-testing, then contributing and finally even authoring on a couple of major Mongoose Traveller 2e products. At the conclusion of that positive experience, I realised that despite the amount of sci-fi RPGs out there, I (and my gaming crew) felt that something was missing. We wanted something that combined many of the tropes, systems and customization we loved from several systems, into one. There are the top 3 design principles, in no particular order:

  1. Simple system, deep customization. 5 attributes, ~30 skills, 2d6 plus modifiers vs Target for almost everything. Tons of options for customization - from skills to augmentation to craft. So hopefully, you’re not feeling like a redundant role if there are 3 or even 5 other players. Many times I felt a system gave you simplicity at the cost of character/class/role identity and customization. I tried to avoid that.
  2. Meaningful options. I wanted to avoid creating options that ended up being "sub-par". I can say that I’ve put in a lot of effort into creating a wide variety of meaningful choices. These choices extend from skills, equipment, augmentation to psionics, spacecraft choices and so on. Whether it is adventuring using spacecraft or at a personal scale, the aim is to create meaningful interaction options regardless of your role.
  3. Tropes and consistency. So I wanted a lot of tropes from classic space opera - things many of us grew up with. Cybertech, psionics, space ships, shields, fighters, battleships, mechs, Wild West-in-space etc… and yet, avoid the things that made you pause and go "hmm?" You could call it internal consistency or hard sci-fi (Note: this is the usage of the term regarding consistency, not regarding similarity to technology today)
I welcome all your critique, advice, notes on what you like and what you don't! Feel free to provide them to contact me at:

Discord: Join the Void Empires : 2750 Discord Server!
Email: void2750@gmail.com
Facebook: Void Empires : 2750

Thanks and Enjoy!

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