First Post
The group sails into the port city of Vralkek. It's run by a fire giant from Xendrik. It's a crazy monster city, with ogres and trolls for town watch, and everyone beats up anyone smaller than them. Goblins have it the worst. And for a small sum, you can purchase The Law, and you are entitled to various rights and privileges most folks don't get.
In need of a guide to get to the Great Crag, the group heads for one of the local taverns, a place called Tiny's, which is run by a hill giant. While drinking and hiring a guide (Krusk, the ranger/cleric), Glory comes in. She's the spoiled daughter of the fire giant ruler, and after a bit of banter, decides she wants the Eye of the Forgotten One. Tuktuk tries a little prestidigitation to slip her a fake, but as a elemental titanspawn, she isn't fooled. And then the giant (heh) brawl begins, which demonstrates the awesome power of Blade Barrier, and results in Glory's death. Yes, Tuktuk killed her.
Triggering the rapid escape from the city. Folks run hither and yon about the town escaping the town guard and the various smugglers. Clever use of Hole in the Universe, the local guide Krusk's shape changing ability, and some quick thinking lets everyone reach the wilderness for the long run north.

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