D&D 5E Vs Vecna battle simulations.

There was some discourse on Vecna and how effective he is.

So I am prepared to run some fights against him.
My Basic plan is to you have people make four characters at levels 20, then 17, 15, 13, and 10. This will let us see how well they do against Vecna at all stages. I expect the top levels to defeat Vecna.
There will be no magic items, but we will assume that all martial characters have gotten a permanent enchantment on their weapons that let them ignore Damage immunities (AKA I am basically turning off Vecna's Immunity to non magical weapons for this fight, as Martial Characters would probably have one by now anyway).
Lets keep the characters somewhat simple by disallowing multiclassing, and assume that the characters are ones that a player would have been doing for a whole campaign rather then just now.

The Arena

The Chamber has a 60 ft. high ceiling, and four pillars near the center of the room that reach all the way to the roof. Vecna starts in the middle and the characters at the entrance. Vecna will not have lair actions, or minions for the sim.

Once some characters are made, we can put them together into a party (Trying to avoid overlap). And I will run the encounters moving the players, and using their powers according to what the posters say they would do. Lets see how this all goes.

Edit: I also encourage people that have not read Vecna's statblock to make characters as well, as normally Players don't get to look at the monsters statblock. The primary thing they would know in advance is that he is as scary lich with a powerful magic.

If you want to participate simply post a Character sheet or a link to one on Beyond or the like.
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OK, I am going to stay old school.
That means none of the silly species that are now available. None of the OP stuff from Tasha's.

Edit: Changing the base stats to possible incorporate a Feat. Resilent to Con or Wis is something that would indeed build into a 20th level char. be I will be PHB Human, with the initial stats of:

Str = tba
Dex = tba
Con = tba
Int = tba
Wis = tba
Cha = tba

Building the char to 10th through 20th level to follow.
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