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D&D 5E Vs Vecna battle simulations.

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Nah, I don't think a "standard party", particularly of only 4 chars, would have 2 Open Hand Monks. I think I will go with Human Paladin. You have the build in place. I will spin up one for my Paladin.


Does Vecna still have This ability?


Here is my Vengeance Paladin build of 20th level. I stripped out any features that dealt with the Frightened Condition for Vecna, as they are irrelevant. And no 20th level Paladin would not have the sense to try to Turn a godlike creature.

I added the Oath spells to the 3rd page of the PDF, but did not add the 15 other spells that can be chosen. Suffice to say, only 3 or 4 might be used before the combat is resolved one way or another.


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