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W3: The Eidolon (Bront Judging)

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OOC: to be fair, I didn't think more than one PC would jump, since the ropes were already there to be climbed. And since, well, it was a DC 5 check - I figured even if everyone jumped, there'd likely be only one failure.

Crazy how that worked out, eh?


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Shadow hauls himself onto the deck of the ship (Climb check: 1d20-1=9) and asks "Is there someplace I could rest and recover my powers? I'm out of juice."

He commands his construct to rescue Haltash (it does have flying).


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Haltash catch at the last moment the rope and climb up to the bridge. As the Majestic flies away, he starts to relax. "And what next?"

OOC: I'll spend an action point.


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Bront said:
OOC Peanut Gallery: What's next Wik, you going to keel haul them? :)
OOC: Don't give him ideas please. ktxbye.

Lori cries out and flails her arms as she's tangled in the rope, arms, legs, and robes flailing about everywhere.


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Sailors begin to pull up Lori, as the buildings of Sharn streak by. Haltash, having barely escaped death, is also pulled up.

Graff stands at the helm, quite calmly, but something seems strange about the ship itself (beyond the fact that there's no elemental ring, and yet it still seems to fly). Every sailor, still keyed up from the frantic escape, nervously peers out as flying ships weave throughout the massive buildings, fighting a losing battle to keep up with the faster majestic.

It would almost seem like a time for elation. And yet, everyone is on edge. Panicked, even.

(If you want to make a Will Save, DC 15, feel free. It's not a big deal if you don't, though - really window dressing. Those who fail are ill-at-ease).

Perhaps the only one immune is Graff, and a few more experienced sailors. After a few minutes, Graff shouts over the roaring wind "Alright, Maj. Calm down. We're safe.".. And then, the nervousness lifts from the hearts of the crew.

The lone prisoner sits against the wall, in a state of shock. "I can't believe we made it, we made it..."

Graff turns to look at you, and winks. "Glad to see you all made it, in one piece. Sorry about all that." he waves his arm at the ships slowly fading away. "I didn't think they'd find me so quickly. So. Do we have a destination?"


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Unlike the others, Tondrek looks over the ship with the eyes of a child without a care in the world. Only one totally devoid of rationality---or sense---would feel that way, but there it was.

As the ship moves through, Tondrek looks at everything he can, trying to figure out how it works. He examines everything, trying to put it together. [OOC: Trying to use Artificer Knowledge, Spellcraft, and any Knowledge applicable. This is Tondrek's Thing]

When their employer shows up, Tondrek is too excited to hear the question. Instead, he has a barrage of his own. "No ring! No ring? How fly with now ring? Is the wood all elementally infused? Once, I had the idea to build a small ring about my waist to fly! But then I thought it would probably burn me to a crisp." There is a touch of sadness in the voice, but just a bit.

OOC: Will (1d20+2=17)


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The nearest Tondrek can guess is that the ship is, indeed, infused with an element. everywhere, he finds warding sigils at the points where planks of wood meet, and at other magical access nodes. There is a very strong spirit inside this ship - and, as can be expected, that spirit wants out. But there's something more.

Tondrek can't quite figure it out, but there's something wrong about this ship. It's almost enough to send shivers up his spine, were he wise enough to notice them.


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Lori gathers herself and what little remaining dignity she has as she's pulled up, "Thank you," she says to the sailors who help her up.

Finally on the ship, Lori will take a few moments to examine it and it's design.

[sblock=OOC]Lori's will save (1d20+4=16)

Knowledge checks:
KN: Arcane +10
KN: Architecture +6
KN: Dungeoneering +6
KN: Geography +6
KN: History +10
KN: Local +6
KN: Nature +6
KN: Nobility +10
KN: Religion +6
KN: The Planes +8

I should macro that.[/sblock]

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