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W3: The Eidolon (Bront Judging)

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Guardian manages to keep a hold of the rope as the Majestic takes off. After being pulled aboard, he stands in awe of the mighty ship.

When Graff mentions a destination, Guardian defers to Shadow and Haltash to answer the question. Guardian checks his companions for serious injury, afterwards he watches over the side as the scenery flies by.

OOC: Sorry about last week, I was sans computer during that time.

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Lori's quick investigation of the ship doesn't really offer much useful information - although she does notice that many of the ships that are currently chasing the Majestic (though they are quickly fading into the distance, being eclipsed by the giant towers of Sharn) also seem to be of Lyrandar design. She can, by now, pick out three large airships, as well as a flotilla of smaller skycabs, all engaged in pursuit.

(Knowledge: Nobility rolled a 30).

She also remembers something about elementals that Tondrek has apparently forgotten - long-term exposure to the material plane occasionally leads to an elemental "Developing" human personality traits, if it remains bound openly. Most bound elementals, trapped in a device, do not funciton as such, but openly-bound elementals occasionally do become more "mortal" in scope. She remembers Graff speaking about the Majestic having a few "problems"...


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It had been a bad day for Cicera. First, he had awakened in a dank office, and was soon interrogated by a cadre of armed thugs, threatening to kill him for the minor role he played in the raid upon an airship facility.

Then, the windows had imploded, and the office was swarmed by assassins. He had managed to escape the armed thugs, but only by slipping into the hands of the assassins. He felt this may not necessarily have been much of an improvement.

At least when he was knocked out this time, it was by a woman casting a sleeping spell upon him, instead of through a blunt instrument being rapped upon his skull.

On the down side, when he woke up, he wasn't tied to a chair in a dirty office; he was tied to the figurehead of an airship, staring down at the landscape below - hundreds of feet below.

It was all he could do not to scream.

"Good, he's waking up." Cicera heard a woman's voice, sounding out over the howling of the wind in his ears. "Can you hear me, little man?" she called out.

"Yes, yes, Yes!" Cicera shouted just as loudly, panicking.

"Do you want to fall?"

"No! Please no!"

"I'll ask once, and just once. Where is the Eidolon?"

It looked like Cicera's day wasn't going to be getting much better.


One question I'd like to direct towards all of you. It hit me the other day that my adventures tend to be focused upon what *I* am interested in, and that's sort of lame. Especially when you consider how much time is involved in a successful PbP.

That being said, I'd like to hear what sorts of things you guys are interested in - RP, PC to PC dialogue, levelling up, or whatever else. Lemme know if there's any sort of requests you have for this game, and I'll see if I can throw some stuff in, or at least tweak my existing encounters to better fit your own playing style.

If you could put that information in an SBLOCK, maybe labelled something like "What I'd like to see", that'd be peachy keen.



[sblock=What I'd Like to see]I like action! Frequent combat, xp awards, and the occasional level up make me happy. I though jumping on board ship with enemies in hot pursuit was really cool. I enjoy the roleplaying aspects, as long as the action doesn't become stalled. Detailed investigations in order to get to the action tend to bore me.

That sounds somewhat shallow even as I'm writing it, but that's what I like. ;)[/sblock]

ooc: Is the above dialog a dream we're all having or something? Should I know who Cicera is?


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[sblock=What I like]
Combat! Fighting stuff! Leveling! This was one awesome battle, even if I came close to dying.

Shadow inquires after a place to rest, because he has no psionic juice.

"Are we being followed?"


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
[sblock=What stonegod would like]The combat was well paced and exciting; I would enjoy future set pieces (though some w/ more planning would be keen :)) I would like the opprotunity for Tondrek to know and do stuff tied to his interests---which this seems to have with with the airships. Anytime Tondrek can use his knowledge/skills is good. Some investigating can be good, but can bog down PbP.

Oh, and if we can get Tondrek to 8th level by tomorrow, that'd be peachy! :D[/sblock]
Tondrek talks about the airship non-stop. In fact, it seem he's seems to be trying to speak to the airship. He talks about the plans it saw in the room and how the Majestic is different and neat and how he saved his warforged friend and how a warforged infused with an elemental would be the bestest thing evar and .... well, his companions soon get the idea.

Tondrek is generally ecstatic.

OOC: Tondrek will do the above, trying to piece together what he can about the Majestic during what downtime they may have, and pestering anyone who might know anything. Oh, and he'll probably heal Guardian if needbe.


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[sblock=GM ooc]For Lori, combat is fun, but long combats drain her too quickly (stupid spellcasting, I should get wands I guess, but that's not what I wanted to play a wizard for, particularly Lori) unless she has something else to do in them that's at least interesting and fun. She'll have this problem probably till level 5, so leveling up quickly would be nice, but also, times to use her spells in fun ways (She is an illusionist among other things), a chance to learn and explore things, test her own limits (physicaly and magicaly), and perhaps some RP situations that strike her as interesting enough to change form. You may or may not notice, her voice color changes a bit depending on her mood, as does her appearance (Some days she looks more elven than others). In many ways, right now she's a bookworm out of her element For what it's worth, she's heading for Changling Spellshaper (The Races of Eberon PrC for Changlings) and Loremaster.[/sblock]

Once Lori gathers herself, she'll check on Guardian and use her Repair Light Damage on him if he needs it (She can't do anything else with the slot). She'll also thank the ship for rescuing her (the ship first, and then the crew).

She'll probably ask questions of the crew members about the ship, might spend some time talking to Tondrek about the ship (which could take a while), and she might even discuss her suspicions about "Mortal" aspirations of the elemental.

OOC: Do we have a chance to rest and recover/rememorize spells?


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Guardian accepts the healing from Lori and Tondrek gratefully. He stays near Tondrek, trying to follow his conversation with the ship.

[sblock=Things I like]I like combat as much as the next person. Guardian is built for durability, rather than big damage dealing, but otherwise can do reasonably well in a fight. I like investigation and such, but I have seen it bog down PBP.

So far, I'm quite pleased with how the game is progressing. :D[/sblock]


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OOC: Alright, glad to hear from you guys. A few points:

1) The italicized thing isn't a dream, or anything like that. Consider it player knowledge, that isn't really in-character. a cut scene, if you will. Cicera, for what it's worth, is the prisoner you left behind.

2) Yes, you guys have a chance to regain spells. I should get some XP out to you, but probably not tomorrow - friday, I think. I should have a post tomorrow, though... three hour break between classes.

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