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W3: The Eidolon (Bront Judging)

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stonegod said:
Its not that he hates Lori, but she's not an elemental or a warforged. :) Tondrek's not good with people.
OOC: If she became one, would that help? :) And she is a nerd, so she's not really people ;)

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Guardian detects nothing out of the ordinary, but when T'Ranis asks his question, he looks quickly about the ship and checks to make sure his weapon is readily at hand. He looks to Tondrek, Lori, and T'Ranis, "I will remain vigilant, do not worry."

When Graff asks about a destination, Guardian looks at his companions and says, "The only location we received from the prisoner was the Black Pit, was it not?"


The man with the probe
Wik said:
[sblock=XP Rewards]

T'Ranis, Githzerai Scout 1/Psychic Warrior 1, played by Patlin.
Guardian, Warforged Knight 2, played by IcyCool (5 action points remaining)
Haltash, Kalasthar Telepath 3, Played by Velmont.
Tondrek, Half-Orc Arificer 3, played by Stonegod.
Lor, Changeling Wizard 3, played by Solange.
Shadow, Changeling Telepath 3, Played by WarlockLord.

Encounter One: Interrogation
(CR 2)
Overcome. Hats off to Velmont for RP Reward.
T'Ranis - 100 XP
Guardian - 100 XP
Haltash - 150 XP
Tondrek - 100 XP
Lor - 100 XP
Shadow - 100 XP

Encounter Two: Aircab Fight
(CR 1 x3; CR 3 x1)
Overcome. Very nicely, in fact. Lori gets the big credit for her spell that took out the crossbowmen so early in the fight (maybe saving some of you guys), while T'Ranis gets a bonus for his excellent shot on the mage).
T'Ranis - 350 XP
Guardian - 300 XP
Haltash - 300 XP
Tondrek - 300 XP
Lori - 350 XP
Shadow - 300 XP

Encounter Three: "Incoming!"
Dark Clad Assassins - CR 2 each. Invisible Woman - Overcome (Mystery CR).
For beating the invisible woman, making her retreat, you'll get XP for a CR 3 encounter. But that isn't her actual CR; just her difficulty in that fight.
Guardian gets the benefit of extra XP here, for taking a buttload of damage, and keeping the attackers mostly away from the second rank. Lor gets a smaller bonus for hurting Invisible McGee, and getting her to retreat.
I also want to give 50 XP to Shadow, for his cool retort to invisible lady (and his run of bad luck)
T'Ranis - 450 XP
Guardian - 550 XP
Haltash - 450 XP
Tondrek - 450 XP
Lori - 500 XP
Shadow - 500 XP

Encounter Four: Fight on the Balcony
There was a tough mage (CR 3), and a bunch of smaller, CR 1/2 fights that I'll just lump as one CR 2 fight, for ease of math. Getting on the Majestic was a CR 1/2 challenge that two of you were able to fail, amazingly enough (the two that fail lose the XP for it).
Tondrek gets a minor bonus for healing Guardian - I like it when healers are so selfless.
T'Ranis - 275 XP
Guardian - 275 XP
Haltash - 250 XP
Tondrek - 325 XP
Lori - 250 XP
Shadow - 250 XP

Total Rewards
T'Ranis - 1175
Guardian - 1275
Haltash - 1150
Tondrek - 1175
Lori - 1200
Shadow - 1150

Remember to double-check my math. [/sblock]

Hopefully, Bront can give the XP a once-over, and we can move on to Chapter two.

OOC: Triple the awards, that should be fine ;) Nah, they look good. not going to give time XP? I always suggest giving all the XP you can, because time XP changes when you level, and it sucks being stuck short of XP to level because you didn't get time, and therefore losing more XP. But it's up to the GM, some have different methods than others.


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OOC: Yeah, I think I'll add Time XP right now. That's a good idea.

[sblock=Time XP]
T'Ranis - 450 XP
Guardian - 300 XP
Haltash - 450 XP
Tondrek- 450 XP
Lor - 450 XP
Shadow - 450 XP


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Alright, so has anyone leveled? Just lemme know if that's the case.

The Eidolon makes it way towards Black Pit, gliding over the ground at an astonishing rate. Airships are fast... but never this fast. Yet still, Graff seems angry throughout the day, yelling at crewmen to "Do anything you can to make this hunk of garbage move faster! Eidolon's slipping away!"

In fact, much of the crew scrambles about the ship in a mad rush, mostly ignoring you. At several points, of course, they have to push Tondrek out of the way, usually with a polite "Excuse me", but occasionally with a harsh "move".

None of you fail to notice that, every few minutes, one crew member looks back towards Sharn, scanning the sky for the pursuing armada trailing you. Of course, within a few hours, this fleet is out of sight.

T'Ranis looks for his "escape routes" and finds... nothing. Not even a single Life Ring. He is soon spotted by Rukus. The half-elf was busy commanding a few crewmen, but takes some time to go over and laugh.

"If you're looking for a way off the ship, good luck. Graff believes that an airship is too valuable a thing to lose, and he always figured that we'd fight better if we knew there was no way off the ship if it tried to kill us... or was crashing, I guess. They used to call Maj the Suicide Ship, you know. You have to be pretty crazy to volunteer to work on it."


You are shown a single cabin, perhaps fifteen feet by ten feet, in the after below decks. This is your home base - two bunks, three beds a bunk, and a small set of lockers built overhead. There's a single porthole that doesn't squarely fit, letting a trickle of wind whistle inside. There is also a small table with attached chairs that seems to serve as a desk, and a small shelf with hooks that could hold clothing and a few books or knick-knacks. The whole place is lit by a glowing yellow bulb - touch it to turn it on, and touch it again to turn it off.

It's two days to reach Black Pit from Sharn. Where are your characters while you travel? How do you pass the time?


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Lori is interested in trying to learn to see if she can learn about the ship's elemental, study how it's infused, and perhaps even learn to talk to it (She'll try a comprehend Languages during the off day, she still had one left). Once she's done, she'll swap that out for a feather fall, seeing as there's no other safe way off.


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OOC: Good news, I might have limited internet access. I'll be leaving Monday some time, and be back in about 2 weeks (Possibly Saturday the 3rd). NPC me as needed over that time please.


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Guardian spends most of his time patrolling the area outside the room. He makes idle small talk with some of the crew, if they have the time. He tries to remain within earshot of his companions, in case of trouble. If he can get a quiet moment alone, he walks the deck of the ship, doing his best to listen to the various sounds it makes.

I wonder how similar the creation of this ship was to my own. Tondrek seems to think that it might be possible for an elemental to be fused into a warforged. What would such a creature be like?

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