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W3: The Eidolon (Bront Judging)

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Tondrek spends the next day working on scrolls. He has some success, and a plaintive NOO! can be heard a few times as he fails. But, he has his two new scrolls, just in case.

[sblock=OOC]Tondrek sets out to make 2 scrolls of sleep and 2 of feather fall. He succeeds on making 1 on each for a total of 50gp and 4 craft pool points.

UMD for Scroll Creation (1d20+12=15, 1d20+12=25, 1d20+12=17, 1d20+12=14)
Last Ditch Scroll Creation (1d20+12=17, 1d20+12=25, 1d20+12=16)

When not working on scrolls, Tondrek will stay near where he thinks the heart of the elemental is, trying to figure it out. When he remembers Lori, he speaks with her about what he's noticed about the odd ship, and ponder theories back and forth.[/sblock]


T'Ranis will spend the majority of his time practicing his skills, and the remainder meditating. He will talk with any that aproach him for conversation, but he doesn't seek to initiate conversation.


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Solange said:
OOC: I'm off, hopefully I'll be able to post on occasion.

Enjoy your trip. Hopefully Lori's alive when you get back. ;)

To everyone else: Big post coming up in a day or so.


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Haltash spend most of his time with his spellbook, still trying to figure thinsg out of it. He also grabs the advantage of having Lori around to asks her a few questions about the arcane art.

OOC: Haltash doesn't raise in level yet. But he is half way to become a wizard.


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Lori is excited to talk magical theory with Haltash, and likely talks way over his head regularly before she catches herself. After a couple of talks, she looks just a little bit different, though perhaps it's the wind in her hair.


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By the end of the first full day in the air, everyone has a general idea of their roles on board. Graff paces like a maniac throughout the day, barking orders. Most of the experienced deckhands know how to avoid him; the only two who regularly catch hell are Mawle, a half-elven male who is rather dim-witted and taken advantage of by, well, everybody; and Kiela, a half-elven woman with a pet kitten. Whenever she has the kitten nearby, Graff flies into a rage and screams at her, taking out his frustrations on the young woman. She always crumbles under his attack, and runs to complete whatever task Graff assigns - but as soon as he leaves, she ignores him and finds something else to do.

Most of Guardian's walks pick up on the subtleties of the ship itself; the sound of metal clanging against metal, or that of the planks bending slightly in the cool air. There is also, of course, the sound of the wind beating in the sails. Guardian notices that all crewmen are now wearing long-sleeved woolen shirts, even though it is the middle summer months. He doesn't feel the cold, but assumes it must be cold this high above the ground. Were you to raise only a few hundred feet, you would be in the clouds themselves.

Shadow's general questionings don't pick up too much; only that the crew is entirely half-elven, and all have strong ties to Lyrandar. Many have worked with Graff for at least a few years; Rukus has been with Graff the longest, maybe five or six years. And they're all very nervous about two things - the Eidolon itself, and the flotilla of ships chasing them.

Kiela lets it slip when Shadow asks her a question during the night, when the stars shine down upon you brightly.

"Those ships belong to Lukaas d'Lyrandar, and he'll kill us to get the Majestic. And the Eidolon. If he catches us..." She shakes her head, and stares out at the ground below. For a moment, Shadow is at a loss... then he remembers the abuse Kiela has gone through during the day, and realizes she's deliberately letting the info slip as a means of spite.

During the early morning, you all see a dark shape, flying on the horizon. It's very distant, but the whole ship erupts in shouts. "EIDOLON! EIDOLON!"

You rush to the railings, and peer out through spyglasses. The Eidolon looks much like the Majestic, only it is made of darker wood, and is even sleeker in form - it also seems to be about 25% larger (though it is still smaller than the average airship).

Graff starts driving the Majestic like a demon, shouting at everyone (including you guys) to speed "This damned piece of garbage" up. The wind is howling in your ears, and you think that there is no way you can be outpaced... but then you are. A few hours after spotting the Eidolon, it has disappeared from view.

Needless to say, Graff is in a fury.

"We'll be in Black Pit by the night." He growls at you. "Get my damned ship back. And kill anyone who gets in your way."


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Tondrek coos at elemental, telling how neat it is. He hopes to keep it happy, in contrast to the more controling (and in control) Graf.

At the man's harsh words, Tondrek turtles up to protect himself from the angry man. He lurks off to a far corner to play with his metal puzzles and mutter to himself.

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