*a red cloaked female approaches the boards and retrieves a fallen parchment from the ground, tacking it back up onto the cork boards*

*it reads as follows, in a plain printed common*


For heinous crimes against the general public and unspeakable acts of deception and misconduct (a short physical description of rajak is given)

Good in both Juxtaposition and Oerth

Bounties must post here, of their intentions.

Proof must be given to collect bounty.

50 gold peices alive : 50000 gold peices dead

Look for the woman in a red cloak

*a faint scent of jasmine and lavender can be smelled on the parchment itself*

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An elven man stands reading the many messages on the board when this advertisement catches his eye. He begs a pen from one near by and then scribbles an addition in the corner: Be carefull though, dear hunters, for a woman of great kindness also wears a red cloak. She is D'win, keeper of the stories of the fallen angels.



On the murder of Rajak

*writes underneath in very precise inked script*

My dear, sweet, Melynxt. You can continue to lie and delude yourself, but what occurred between you and Rajak was not as you claim.

You will be hard-pressed to find anyone to take the offer, let alone complete it for the full bounty.

Good luck with your child.

<signed> Olath Vlos, Negotiator


Lost Woodrake

A woman storms in angrily - her orange-and-black-lace gown sweeps chairs off the floor. She posts her own piece of paper.

The honor of our clan will NOT be slandered!
You of all, Olath Vlos, should remember the powers of Lostarylle Woodrake's potions - and BEWARE badmouthing her second cousin's youngest niece, Melynxt!!!
Rajak WILL receive his punishment!!!!!

And underneath, in decorated purple letters:

:turkey: Ol' Lostie's Potions & Herbs Inc.: We'll Never Miss Your Victim - And Neither Will You! :turkey:


First Post
*With an amused smirk, the elven warrior places her own note among the rest.*

Let it be known-

I will no long entertain this madness you call a bounty. Anyone searching to collect upon Rajak, will have to deal with me.

The choice you made, Lady of Red Cloaks, was your own. Now you must deal with the consequnce of that choice, as an adult. Stop blaming your troubles on others, and accept that this is the path you alone have led yourself along.

~Kyra, House Carnette.



*a yound man walks up and spots this, after a short blink he starts to scribble,*

Eh . . . I can nay beleive I'm agreeing with Kyra . . . 'tis odd. But aye, ta get ta Rajak, ye gota get through Kyra, an' if ye touch Kyra, ye best be ready ta meet my fist. One dinay touch my friends, less so if they happen to have for some unconceiveable reason brought me into their family.

I warn ye all this moment. Dinay attempt to attack Rajak. To do so shall bring an untimely end to yer life by the hands of one or another. Assuming that Rajak does not do it himself, ye call the wrath of the Kell family upon ye by such actions against a friend of the family.

If ye truely value yer life, none shall touch Rajak in anyway to claim this bounty.


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