D&D General War Mounts for the Different Fantasy Races/Monsters

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Yeah, it's like humans riding gorillas.
Primates can ride anything.

Other primates is no problem.






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I tend to approach war mounts and steeds from a regional perspective, rather than species.

For example, in my interpretation of Mystara:

- If you are from Karameikos, Ethengar, or the Heldann Freeholds, you’re gonna be riding a horse or worg into battle. Or a nightmare if you make a trek to the World Mountain in Ethengar.

- If you are from Glantri, it’ll either be some type of construct, elemental, monstrosity, or undead. Preferably one you made or summoned yourself.

- If you are in or from Alfheim, you’ll be clinging for dear life to the back of a dire gibbon, especially if it swings through the tree branches.

- If you are from Rockhome, it’s gonna be either a rockhome lizard if you lived underground, or a mountain goat if you lived aboveground.

- If you are from the Northern Reaches, you’ll be riding an axe beak. Or a woolly mammoth if you’re a member of the nobility.

- If you are from the Broken Lands, it’s gonna be a giant cockroach. Or a construct if you buy one from the gnomes.

- If you are from Thyatis, congratulations. You get to ride a triceratops! Or a griffin, if you’re a member of the nobility.


I honestly don't know what I would have as mounts for Shadar-Kai. Shadow Mastiffs seem more like Animal Companions ala having a Wolf. Perhaps a Skeletal Horse mount to follow type/theme with the Shadowfell's Necrotic aspect.


I'll admit that I do enjoy the look of this. Would also be the mount of choice for a Duhallan PC if it was an option in 5E. which I still want.
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My duergar that follow baalzebul ride giant horseflies (giant tabanids)...stats to come....

While straight giant horsefly mounts are pretty fantastic, having PCs hear about the giant horsefly riding duergar and then finding when they actually encounter them that they are hippocampi style half horse monsters could be fun too (horsefly wings, eyes, and mandibles would work for a Baalzebulian themed pegasus).

Wolfram stout

I had my players stumble into a world (Planescape campaign) where there were tree dwelling halflings that rode giant spiders. Cause that seemed like an awesome animal to domesticate if you are a short tree dwelling race.

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