Warhammer 40k cinematic universe confirmed.

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Anyone else feel like it's a bit premature for Cavill to be calling this the Warhammer Cinematic Universe - all caps?

Amazon secured the rights. That's great, but they have a reputation of pulling the plug if a show doesn't deliver, even if the fanbase is passionate. Even LotR only got a 5 season plan (which I would call a lot less than a Cinematic Universe). Maybe start with a series and/or a movie before claiming it's going to be the next failed attempt at copying Marvel? If you start small you have lots of room to get big.

Maybe I'm just burnt out on the idea of "Universes" in general.

Apparently Henry is in charge of this Cinematic universe, not just starring and executive producing in a single 40k series, so he's now the Kevin Feige/James Gunn of Warhammer.

I think Hernry can make this work, but losing the Superman role might be a blessing in disguise, because he now has an extraordinary full plate with Warhammer (don't know if this includes Age of Sigmar or Old World or Blood Bowl).


If it really is a Warhammer cinematic universe, the actors' salaries will be astronomical in accordance with how overpriced their figures are...

Warhammer is not as expensive as some other games out there. Of course, most of those are not as popular as Warhammer and many times you have to handcraft the figures according to spec rather than being able to just buy them, so there's that.

Then modeling in general can be expensive. Here's a take on some expenses that will make Warhammer seem almost cheap in comparison for some...

Model Train Engines N scale

O scale

z scale

Note: I do not collect these myself, I am not in that hobby (trains). I have just heard how expensive it can be.


I learned nerd for this.
I heard it's just a live feed of Cavill painting his miniatures.

(Kidding, though I'd probably watch that.)
That would be an epic April Fool's stunt. He announces a video of some kind. Hypes it up as a preview of something WCU related, everyone tunes in and it's just him painting.

Art Waring

My bets on the Eisenhorn trilogy as one possibility.

It was probably one of the better novels (didn't read many, but I remember Eisenhorn well enough). Not to mention that Inquisitors have unquestioned autonomy/ authority within the empire (they can operate outside the empires oppressive regime with impunity), and they get all of the best toys. And furthermore, they get a retinue of unique characters from across the imperium to choose from, who don't always follow the blind dogmatic rigor of the empire itself.

I do worry that we‘ll get a D&D movie fans vs Warhammer movie fans situation. So much fan-base culture seems to based on choosing teams these days.

I hope I’m wrong.

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