Warhammer 40k cinematic universe confirmed.


I crit!

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Well, I haven't really been enamored with the offerings on Amazon, but I think this will be something I'll probably watch for once.

As Cavill's a fan there's probably a higher chance of this being truer to Warhammer than other types of things like this.

I wonder if he's going to stick closer to the Lore or the Game rules on this?


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So for someone who only knows the endless war of the space marines aspect of Warhammer what kind of actual character might Cavill play and what stories might be told?
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I learned nerd for this.
Horus? Leman Russ? THE GOD EMPEROR himself? He will not be a lowly marine or guardsman. I can't see him as anything else. The Horus Heresy will probably be where they'll get started. After seeing him as Sherlock Holmes, maybe an Inquisitor isn't out of the question. A very large, and muscular Inquisitor.

I love that someone like him is as nerdy as we are. It lends a level of coolness to it for the normies. I'm sure it'll bring more people into the hobby.

Anyone else feel like it's a bit premature for Cavill to be calling this the Warhammer Cinematic Universe - all caps?

Amazon secured the rights. That's great, but they have a reputation of pulling the plug if a show doesn't deliver, even if the fanbase is passionate. Even LotR only got a 5 season plan (which I would call a lot less than a Cinematic Universe). Maybe start with a series and/or a movie before claiming it's going to be the next failed attempt at copying Marvel? If you start small you have lots of room to get big.

Maybe I'm just burnt out on the idea of "Universes" in general.


Roboute Guilliman.

Of course it depends on what period the series is going to be in, but if it is the modern period...this is who I would want to play if I had a choice.

Not that he would think similarly to me, but I could see him in this role. Need to grow about 3-4 feet though.

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