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Warhammer frpg - 2e vs 4e


Last night my group voted unanimously to forge ahead with "The Enemy Within" in Warhammer 4e. They reasoned that they didn't want to try to learn a new system (2e, Warlock, etc.), still thinking they can manage the challenges of 4e. It's not a simple system, but they do think it's rewarding enough to continue to try it.
That’s really good news! I hope you get through the campaign. Or at least as far as the new stuff.

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That dynamic is more than amply covered by the large skill gap between the goblin and the swordsman.

Perhaps I will be able to convey my dislike by using different terms:

I don't think it's a good idea to add a mechanic to a fight that favors the most skilled combatant when they already likely to win.
Let me put it another way too then. If you are happy with the power disparity, what difference does it make how the power disparity manifests?

The benefit of advantage is that is can swing the other way for that lucky 1 in 20 gobbo, who will get two wins in a row, the. All of a sudden has the hero back against a table as the gobbo looms over him, with +20 to hit.

This "any attack may be lethal" is not new to 4e, it's pretty standard warhammer fare. In 2e, you rolled a d10 for damage and if you rolled max, it triggered "Ulrich's Fury". You rolled again to hit to "confirm" the effect, and if it hit, you rolled another d10 for damage - and if that one rolls max, you just keep rolling (no need for confirmation). So a single goblin arrow can kill a powerful PC. This lethality isn't new to 4e, and I don't think it fixes the problem I have with this "attacking a superior foe helps your foe" notion.
Worked the same in 1st, but with 6 on the d6.
Third has an equivalent, too.

Level Up!

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