D&D 5E Warlock - What is it actually good at?


Heretic of The Seventh Circle

The class is a clear example of anxious design that gets caught in the details.

Not really. It's a very fun class, that doesn't powergame as well as some other classes outside of a heavy focus on reliable at will damage dealing.

In a game that isn't heavy on CharOp, it's just very fun, and the rest of the above sentence is completely irrelevant.

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Dessert Nomad


The problem is, a large portion of players turn to the class for jobs it doesn't do particularly well.

Another problem is that people put a severe background limit on the class that isn't there in the rulebook. Lots of discussion of Warlocks treats them as having to make a pact with an evil fiend, but that's only one of the patron options. A warlock with an archfey pact fits quite well with druids and Oath of the Ancient paladins, while a celestial pact can push them to be even more of a goody two-shoes than a paladin. Not noticing the wildly different pact options makes people overlook a lot of variety in background and motivation for the class, even if you leave out things like the 'good person who made a pact in desperation and now hates his patron'.

Mars Hall

Ok, better than I maybe initially thought. I've also been reading a different build guide.

So I'm thinking:
Great Old One
Pact of the Tome
Spells to control/dominate/immobilize

Not sure on invocations, except the Book of Ancient Secrets. Eventually have all the rituals from every class seems awesome. Even if I do have to buy scrolls to learn them.
Mask of Many Faces (eventual Master of Myriad Forms) seems like it should help bunches in social situations.
Bewitching Whispers and Dreadful Word would help with the controller theme. But once a day doesn't seem enough. So probably pass on these.
Was considering Devil's Sight with Darkness, but that would probably hurt the rest of the part as much as help me.
Sculptor of Flesh - Yes please!
Agonizing and Repelling Blast are obviously great.

War Caster and Spells Sniper seem almost mandatory at some point.
Resilient for con saves.
Not sure what else yet.
You can always just put the Darkness on yourself to avoid hindering the party. :)

Spell Sniper isn't really necessary and you can get more EB distance with an Invocation if you want it. War Caster is useful, but also not necessary. Also, once you can fly, you shouldn't be in melee much anyway and the Repelling Blast Invocation can help keep enemies away.

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