Warlocks! Warlocks everywhere!


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I don't see at-will levitate as bad. Fly up, and rain down eldritch blasts from above.

Jump is pretty meh.

I think the ones that need help are the the 1/day ones.

Fair enough, I guess levitate is ok. I've just seem Jump make a difference more often, at the table, whereas levitate is usually much too slow.

The 1/day spells are pretty...meh. If it were two spells per invocation, I could dig it. Or if you had CHA/day "daily" slots, and invocations added multiple spells that could be used with them. the fact that they use your warlock spell slots is the big issue, IMO. There are too few. If they are going to use regular warlock slots, they need to be short rest like other warlock spells.

OK, so, how's this:

When you learn an Invocation that lets you cast a spell with a spell slot, you instead can use that spell once without using a spell slot, and add it to your spell list. It does not count against your spells known.

Also, your patron spells do not count against spells known.

Would that give the warlock too much?

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
OK, I haven't had a chance to go over the stuff I've built for format and such, but I have had some new thoughts.

Pact of The Seeker:

You gain the ability to create a bow from natural materials around you, warping matter or causing it to grow, even from what should be dead wood, and can make arrows in the same way.
The bow is basically a longbow, but can be used with any spell that would normally require a melee weapon attack be made as part of the spell, the weapon is magical for dealing with resistences, and deals 1d10 damage instead of 1d8? Also, you add a few ranger spells that makes sense to your spell list.

Invocations: 1 that adds a few spells to the list of spells you can tack onto an attack with the weapon, including some AoE spells. Can do so without spending a spell slot 1/long rest.

Another that lets you make CHAmod magic arrows, with effects based on your warlock spell slot level.


Patron: WIld Hunt

SPells: Hunter's Mark, Guidance, Animate Dead, and some divination and conjuration spells. SPeak with dead, too? Probably.

lvl 1 benefit: some manner of uber tracking for a single target, and advantage on first attack against that creature?

lvl 6: Ability to become Incorporeal for a minute, and maybe a bonus to concentration for conjuration spells?

lvl 10: Like the fey pact, but with fear effects.

lvl 14: 1/day you can summon a member of the Wild Hunt to fight beside you without using any spell slots. Conjure Fey seems like a good fit, for simplicity, but the Hunter shouldn't turn against you if your concentration is broken, and you have advantage on the concentration checks for it.


The Land Gods (primal spirits, animistic gods)

Spells: mostly druid and ranger spells

lvl 1: I had ideas for this, but I'm blanking. consider this a placeholder.


Restful Death
This one is basically a variant of the Undying pact, turned into a hunter of undead and necromancers, designed to work with the Seven Bells.



Shadow pact. For making a shadow walker or 4e style assassin, etc.

ok, gotta go make dinner. I'll update again soon with specifics on the above concepts.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Casting Raise Dead because I’m revisiting some of these ideas for my Anathemir class which is a warlock variant with less high level casting and more beefy class features.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Instead of 7 bells, it’s nine gate keys, each named after the first Anathemir to master the power of the associated Gate, there being Nine Gates in The River of Death. Most practitioners also refer to the “land” beyond each Gate by the same name as that Gate’s Key, with the exception of the 9th, which is a mystery, as none can come back from beyond the final gate. This does lead some to refer to death itself as “The Ninth Gate”, or simply, “The Ninth”.

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