Warlord; Quick Distraction (at-will)


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Quick Distraction Warlord Attack 1
Your deft swing draws the target's attention inviting an ally to strike from afar.
At-will * Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: An ally within 2 + your Charisma modifier squares of you can make a ranged basic attack against the target.
Hit: Ally's basic attack damage + half your Charisma modifier.
Balanced? I am worried about stepping on the toes of Commander's Strike and Brash Assault. Also, is this too much of a departure from the Warlord's melee shtick?

- reduced distance
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Warlord; Opportune Assist (utility)

Opportune Moment Warlord Utility 6
You issue orders at the most opportune moment, allowing an ally to strike when the opponent is least prepared.
At-will *
Immediate Interrupt Melee 1
Trigger: An enemy provokes an Opportunity Attack from you.
Effect: You do not make the Opportunity Attack, instead an ally who can see and is within range of the provoking enemy can make a Basic Attack against that enemy, as a Free Action.
Thoughts on balance? Also, I'm not sure of the level.

- is now an interrupt
- gave it a level
- removed the use of a power
- changed ally's attack to free action
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Perhaps make it 1+CH modifier distance, and the damage should be unmodified. I love Warlords and have done 2 so far, and I think this at will is close to what they have been doing.

The utility seems like a level 10 ( I think thats the right level for that utility- after 6th) to me.


Personally, I let Commander's Strike just let an ally with 5 squares make a basic attack against the target, rather than just a melee attack. So, your at-will is probably fine as is, if you don't want Commander's Strike to do both. It won't step outside the Warlord's melee shtick either, since it still requires the Warlord to be adjacent to the target (plus the Warlord has a few Heavy Thrown powers in MP)

The utility power should be an Immediate Interrupt (OA's are immediate interrupts) and just allow an Ally within 5 squares to make a Basic Attack (not any powers) against the target immediately as a free action instead of the Warlord making an OA. Level 6 or 10 is probably a good fit for it...


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Thanks for the feedback.

So I reduced the distance of Quick Distraction, I couldn't do 1, that just seemed to low, so I went with 2. Although my figures what Opportune Moment to be a reaction, they are wrong, it is now an interrupt. I am going to make it 6th level and tone it down. I removed the use of a power but I changed the attack to a Free Action.
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