Level Up (A5E) Watch the Trailer for AGAINST THE DRAGONLORDS

Launching in January 2023, Against the Dragonlords is a livestreamed campaign running through the original Dragonlance adventure, DL1: Dragons of Despair, using the Level Up: Advanced 5E rules.

The show will run on Tuesday nights from 7pm-11pm GMT, starting on Tuesday, January 10th, and the Narrator will be Russ ‘Morrus’ Morrissey. We’ll have a cast announcement very soon!

Welcome to Krynn!
Join us as we journey through the Dragonlance adventure which launched it all in 1984 -- Dragons of Despair!

In the peaceful town of Solace, news of war is spreading from the north. But more fearsome still are the rumors that ancient creatures of myth have returned to the world -- dragons!

When the war reaches Solace, can a group of bold heroes uncover the truth about the old gods -- gods who abandoned the world centuries ago -- before it's too late? Or will Krynn be trampled under the boots of the mighty dragonlords?

The War of the Lance has begun.


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
Will this be available as a podcast for those of us who can't watch live? And prefer to use a podcast app rather than YouTube?

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