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That's the legacy of 6e for at least one subset of the fandom. And while I don't pretend like my attitude is a majority, it's a not insignificant plurality, and it is likely bigger than WotC thinks it is.

That is a terrible attitude in general. No matter how someone screws up, retaliating with nothing but malicious joy is surely not the right way to do.
There are many people's life affected who have zero to do with the corporate dumb choice.

I think that the 1B figure for Avatar includes a sizable part of the expenses for (some of) the sequels. IIRC, A3 is in post-production, A4 is in shooting and A5 is in pre-production.
Yeah Cameron seems to have said 1bn break-even and 2bn to justify making A4+A5.

Currently it seems to be well on the way to 2bn. Having seen it, it was a weird damn movie but I enjoyed it a lot. I haven't seen a final action sequence that well done for a very long time, and somehow despite that part being incredibly long, it didn't drag.
I really don't think Disney are happy that Rise of Skywalker made half the gross that The Force Awakens made.
They probably aren't but the problem lies with TFA, if one sees it as a problem, rather than that TFA did better than one should expect. The drop from TFA to TLJ was from 2bn to 1.3bn, despite TLJ being better reviewed, and word-of-mouth among everyone except a certain kind of internet person being positive (which is different from everyone loving the movie).

But the issue that gets lost in-between people shrieking about TLJ's perceived "issues" or other people suggesting maybe those guys are just racists, is that TFA was a massive nostalgia-bomb, and tons and tons of people went to see it because it was the first Star Wars movie in decades. And after it we had Rogue One to burn off further Star Wars nostalgia before TLJ, by which time I think far fewer people were super-excited about the idea of a new SW movie. I mean, my wife and I went first night on both TFA and TLJ, and TFA, like 1/4 of the audience was in some kind of Star Wars costume (maybe more!), and it was like a real "event". Some of the people there, this was the first SW movie they were seeing in cinemas (and I'm talking late-20s people lol). That wasn't the case with TLJ, and not because of the later kerfuffle, which no-one even knew about then, but because we'd had SW movies two years in a row, and now it was much more of just "a thing". There were still some people in costumes, and people excited, but it wasn't this big huge event in the same way.

So I would attribute the 2bn there heavily to a combination of SW nostalgia and lack of cinema SW content for decades. I do think it's possible if TFA was amazing there would have been less of a drop, esp. if all three movies had been planned ahead as a continuous trilogy rather than just throwing the ball between director/writers (one of whom ultimately got fired - Trevorrow). But that's not what Disney chose.

Sorry, getting a bit off-topic but I just feel like it's worth mentioning that in any discussion of that particular drop should factor in how unusual TFA-as-an-event was.

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