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General Welcome Thread


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My name is David, I've played several RPGs during my time in University (since 2009) when I first discovered TTRPGs. I'm confined to the plane of Forever-DM but I have made my peace with it. I like to homebrew my games rather than rely on a written module, and I'm avidly stringing concepts together to make my ow homebrew D&D universe.

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Apparently despite having had this account for years, it's been reset. So hello again. I primarily play and run d20 games and WoD games. I do a lot of homebrew and look forward to posting some of my stuff on here.


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Hi Guys! I'm DemonicMonster (original name, DemoneMalvagio). I'm an Italian DM that plays D&D from 1 year and 2 month approximately. I speak English well, but not so much, so please forgive me when I make mistakes!

I play 3.5 Edition using also 3.0 material, but I include monters and elements from other Editions, too. I LOVE monsters and the Outer Planes.
My adventures are... original. And with original I mean that one of my villains is a Spectral Lyrist, Orcus servant, that can animate dead to animate Skin Kite at will.

I have enrolled in ENWorld because I find this site very useful. Especially I love the Monster ENCyclopledia (heartfelt thanks, Echohawk!!!).

So, hi evrebody, I hope we'll have a good time together!


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Hi, My name is Greg and I am 18 yo. Just starting my adventure with rpg games so hopefully I find a lot of valuable information here and become a part of this community ;)

Mike Tyson

Greetings all! New member here, and here's my first post.

I played in the early '80s, instead of listening to the geometry teacher and loved every minute of it. Still have all my original books, and have been dragging them around the world (military life) for decades, adding 3.5 books to the collection. Wife and I and kids played for about a year (2004-05) and then nothing after that.

Until a few weeks ago (mid-Oct 2017, for posterity's sake) when a co-worker mentioned D&D. I told him how my wife still wants to play and I still have the books and now, before I knew what was happening, we have our first game sked for next weekend. My 18-yr old was an easy sell ("Yes, dad, sounds awesome.") while the 14-year old took a bit more cajoling ("Can I play a fairy?"). We'll see how it goes.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed playing, esp. character development.

Anyway, thanks in advance for your help!

Edit: yes, that's my real name and no, your joke isn't original. I've heard them all, I promise you. ;)
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Hello Aggieland!
I'm living in Bryan/College Station in Texas and looking for a live gaming group that's relatively active. I'm down to play pretty much anything and having been toying with a Pathfinder campaign I want to run when I feel it's properly finished. If you need another player, let me know!


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Edit: yes, that's my real name and no, your joke isn't original. I've heard them all, I promise you. ;)

Even the one about being the lost scion of a chicken tycoon?

Anyway, welcome to ENWorld!

I noticed your location was listed as Moscow. As in, the Moscow everyone thinks of, or one of those smaller ones that pop up on maps in remote counties?

Hello! Yet another new user here.

My friend introduced me to table top RPGs through D&D 3.5 around a decade ago. I have enjoyed both the character development and storytelling aspects of TTRPGs. Sadly, campaigns ended and the original group we had drifted apart. Somewhat recently, I stumbled upon WOIN whilst Googling for a new sci-fi RPG and fell in love.

While I don't currently participate in any campaigns, finding WOIN has rekindled a desire to start up a new game with my friends. I was so enamored by the system that I ended up writing my own application to assist in character creation. I'd love to share it with the community once I get out of the new user probation period!


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Hello everyone! Im Iordrax from Italy.
Long time RPG player. Played AD&D2.5 and now jump into 5e.
Thank you in advance for your help

Halloween Horror For 5E