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Hello all! I'm a returning member (though I was present with different names: Tsunami, and then Breakstone_Tsu) from long ago. I remember when all this was speculation about Third Edition!

I'm living in San Francisco now, which is amazing, and teaching elementary school, which is also amazing.

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Hi Everyone!

I hail from Lynnwood WA. I just recently started playing D&D 5E with some friends on Roll20. I was surprised in how much I enjoyed playing it again, and I went ahead and bought the PHB, DMG, and MM books. It's been more than 20 years since I rolled the funny shaped dice, can't wait to get after it!

I will be looking for some local PnP games. I really want to get into being a DM, I've been watching a lot of youtube to see what styles people have and how they keep the game flow going without killing the creativity. Will start as a player first and hopefully learn. Glad that I found this website, looking forward to rolling some dice and learning.

Good gaming!


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Crawling out from under my rock into the open light. Returning DM with rusty brain. Idaho (below Boise) based gamer, looking to start up a local group when I can but content running my Roll20 game for the time being. Hello and sally forth.


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New to this site but very impressed with all the information on here. I am an experienced 3.5 D&D player and starting a new campaign on 5e. I am roleplaying a Half-Elf (Drow elf side) from Crinti Origin (2nd Edition Build). Starting as a Ranger but want to multiclass into Barbarian with dual wield. Any advice on where I should post for help would be appreciated. Thank you



Oddly enough I have still never played a D&D campaign, though I hope that changes in the coming year. :)

I've played Rifts, played and run Cinematic Unisystem, and will be running a VtR 2e game soon.


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Hi guys! Old hardcore player here! English is not my native language and most of what I've learned in english was with rpg, so that's it! Will try to contribute the best I can to the community!

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