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I altered an fixed a creature from The Sinister secret of Saltmarsh

It was a snake that had a unique poison. So I recreated it as a Genetic/magical creation that is totally unique and is a treasure in its self. Being a low level dungeon, most players will just kill it thereby missing out

posted it on the new creatures, but from what I saw there it might get overlooked...

Snake, Medium Blue headed Green snake.
CR: 2; Sz: Medium Animal; H: 6’ (Length) , W: ¾ in Diameter; Age: 25☺; HD: 2d8; Hp: 15; Init: +3; Spd: 20 ft., climb 20 ft., swim 20 ft.; AC: 16; (+3 Dex, +3 Natural), T: 13, FF: 13; BaB: +1; Grap: 0; Atk: +4 Melee (1d4-1 Bite plus poison);; Full Atk: +4 Melee (1d4-1 Bite plus poison);; Spc/Rch: 5’x5’; (coiled)/5’; SA: Poison; SQ: Scent; Lang: Draconic – broken basic; AL: N; Sv: F: +3, R: +6, W: +1; Abil: S: 8/-1, D: 17/+3, C: 11/0, I: 9/-1, W: 12/+1, Ch: 2/-4; Skills: Balance +11*, Climb +11*, Hide +12*, Listen +5*, Spot +5*, Swim +7*; Feats: Weapon Finesse (bite); Equip: Teeth; Loot: N/A; Possess: NA; Holdings: NA; Treas: The snake itself, if captured and treated well and continued to be taught, it could make a good companion for a druid or ranger, possibly even as a familiar to a high level mage. Its poison would be very sought after once being milked and bottled; Tactics: The acoustics of the well allow the snake to hear a non quiet approach above. The snake is not aggressive but will defend his home/burrow quite effectively, biting anyone who dare enter the well and will pursue; RPGL: Snakes usually are not aggressive and flee when confronted; this one however is different, and will attack and pursue any intruder. Descrip: A deep green snake with a lighter green underbelly, most noticeable is its sky blue head; History: This was one of the alchemists most successful animal experiments, the snake is highly intelligent, and can actually speak a rudimentary Draconic. He was being taught by the alchemist, until its escape and the alchemist’s death. There is no one to tell how or when it escaped, but it has been living quite well on the giant rats who have burrows all over the yard and gardens; Envir: Temperate marshes, underground; Org: Solitary except for mating; Lv Adv: ; Exp: 600 – 2x if captured alive;
Age: Normally a snake (poisonous) tend to live between 20- 25 years, this one having been magically enhanced will live until killed.
SA – Poison (Ex): Fort DC 14; be infected with a mild disease from the poison, causing the victim to feel progressively more drowsy and after 2-8 turns fall into a deep sleep for 4-16 turns. A victim, once asleep, cannot be awoken by normal means (though remedies such as cure disease will be effective); 1d6 con for 1d3 weeks unless cure disease. The fortitude on this snake is equal to that of a Huge snake, because of its unusual nature.
SQ – Scent (Ex): Detects opponents by scent within 30 feet — 60 feet if opponent is upwind, and 15 feet if downwind (double these ranges if odor is strong; triple if overpowering).
*Skills: Snakes have a +4 racial bonus on Hide, Listen, and Spot checks and a +8 racial bonus on Balance and Climb checks. A snake can always choose to take 10 on a Climb check, even if rushed or threatened. Snakes use either their Strength modifier or Dexterity modifier for Climb checks, whichever is higher. A snake has a +8 racial bonus on any Swim check to perform some special action or avoid a hazard. It can always choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered. It can use the run action while swimming, provided it swims in a straight line

Conversion Appendix
For NPC’s and all characters and monsters I use the following format derived from several reference books (since none of them are the same or complete enough for me)

CR: Sz: ; H: , W: ; Age: ; HD: ; Hp: ; Init: ; Spd: ; AC: ; (), T: , FF: ; BaB: ; Grap: ; Atk:; Full Atk: ; Spc/Rch: ; SA: ; SQ: ; Lang: ; AL: ; Sv: F: , R: , W: ; Abil: S: /, D: /, C: /, I: /, W: /, Ch: /; Weapro: ; Skills:; Feats:; Equip: ; Loot: ; Possess: ; Holdings: ; Treas: ;Tactics: ; RPGL: ; Descrip: ; History: ; Envir: Org: ; Adv: ; Lv Adj: Exp:

CR Challenge Rating W Will Sz: Size Abil Abilities/ followed by modifier H Height S / Strength W Weight D / Dexterity Age In Years C / Constitution HD Hit Dice I / Intelligence Hp Hit points W / Wisdom Init Initiative Ch / Charisma Spd Speed Weapro Weapon Proficieny AC Armor Class Skills All that have modifiers ( ) Type and other modifiers Feats Adjusted to fit the class, rather than the situation T Touch Armor Class Equip Equipment carried on person FF Flat footed Armor Class Loot Monetary items carried on person BaB Basic Attack Bonus Possess Possessions not on person (on horse, cart, home, buried etc…) Grap Grapple bonus Holdings Land, Businesses, buildings, Farms. Atk Attack Treas Monetary items and goods not on person or covered by any previous designation, refers mainly to monsters Full Atk Full Attack Tactics Typical sequence of actions in a conflict Spc/Rch Space and Reach RPGL Role playing Notes. How this person reacts to certain situations, personality traits, relations SA Special Abilities Descrip Physical description of character SQ Special Qualities History Background of the character, and any relevant information Lang Languages spoken Envir* Environment most likely to be found in or preferred AL Alignment Org* Organization of creature society Sv Saves Adv* Advancement F Fortitude Lv Adj* Level Adjustment R Reflex Exp: Experience points and penalties or bonuses
*most often monster only
Ecology: The explanation of the basic needs, drives and wants of the creatures, most often from the monster manual, sometimes from the Dragon magazine article “ The Ecology of …”​
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