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Monster Junkie
I don't think there has been an official ash dragon. The closest I can think of is the pyroclastic dragon from Draconomicon.


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My friend Splatt, said he thought it was in one of the Compendiums and thought it was in the first edition MC1 but I have never seen it anywhere.

Did either of you two see the dragon in the D&D 2 show from SCI FI Channel because while that was a BLACK Dragon it reacted like the Ash Dragon from my friends memory

He said it belched an acidic gas that acted like a poison and that wherever it went it left a trail of ash, and that it could poly self into a superheated ash form

From that I could write it up but it bothers me that I have not ever seen it, nor can I find an Offical source for one.

The way I see it the pyroclastic dragon fits, and so does the hellfire wyrm for somethings and a variety of other dragons I am just stumped and like you Boz I hate age catogories)


Creature Cataloguer
it's not that i hate age categories per se; conceptually they are great for dragons (in fact, certain other types of creatures could benefit from having age categories, but that is neither here nor there). however, it's a lot of numbers to work with, and a serious pain in the ass. it takes me about 3 times as long to do a dragon's stats as it does for any other creature, and it really tires me out, so i never look forward to working on a dragon with age categories. ;)


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Age categories are useful, but as you said tiresome to write out if you are doing so from scratch. Unfortunetly for me my friends have taken to calling me the Write it man and one friend wants a Tiamet style dragon with age cats, and the other friend wants the Ash Dragon write up. I feel like I should charge! I used to post on these forums all the time as Archmage Sidran, or Priest but I have been away from the ENworld for awhile.


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some correct information

hey guys tearweaver here again,again im a new member,as of yesterday.i wanted too make sure,i was giving you the correct information.of what i was asking you too help me on.i read my information on Ginn.and i was some what wrong.appearantly. a genie is not more than a third degree sorcreor with the powers to manipulate eighteen pounds of its magikal energy three times daily,having the powres of telekenesis hypnotisism and conjureation and clairavoiance plus it supposedly has been proven that a genie can transform themselves into animals at the degree of goats and cobras then theres a degree of genie known as a Gin with one n that is ten times greater. a master genie like the ones in the second eddition ad&d version,then theres a Ginn which what im intrested in.which is ten times greater than that.which only the nobleiest of genies can become.wich suggests that a Ginn is a Grand master genie.i Got my information from the encyclopedia of demons and and angels,again id appreciate your thoughts and information as well as the complete charictar (mis spelled) of a grand master genie your bud always tearweaver,blessings be.

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