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Welcome to the Creature Catalog!


Creature Cataloguer
Hello! This is the perfect first place to go if you are unfamiliar with the Creature Catalog and what we do here. The Creature Catalog is the premiere website for monster conversions for the 3rd edition of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game.

If you don't know how to find the Creature Catalog website, just click this link. A number of things are featured on the site, but the content we are known for is our monster conversions. We have spent the last few years converting monsters from original D&D, as well as first and second edition AD&D to 3rd edition D&D.

The original creators of the site, Scott Greene and Erica Balsley (both appear on Enworld from time to time as Graz'zt and DnDChick, respectively) both work for Necromancer Games and were responsible for getting many conversions from the site published in the Tome of Horrors book. Just before the emergence of D&D 3rd Edition Revised (aka "3.5E"), they entrusted the Creature Catalog to me.

As I am only one man, and there is a lot of work involved with maintaining a site like this, I opened up the CC to its fans for help. Perhaps the biggest project I foresaw is the Creature Catalog 3.5 Overhaul Project. This is simply the ongoing project to revise all of the regular 3rd edition conversions in the Creature Catalog to 3E revised. I invite everyone to join us in our discussions, if you have something constructive to add. Monsters are posted in this thread before they ultimately make it into the CC. If you see an already completed monster and have a comment you need to make - don't be discouraged! I am always willing to listen to suggestions on changes, and if I feel you have a good idea I will implement it.

Likewise, I have also opened up working on the new conversions themselves to the fans. I've been posting the finished conversions in this thread before posting them in the CC. I have several threads open for converting monsters from various sources. Feel free to have a look at whatever interests you:

First Edition monsters from DRAGON magazine

Monsters from First Edition modules

Prehistoric animals

Planescape monsters

Monsters from the second edition Monstrous Compendiums

Epic Level Beings

Original D&D and Mystara monsters

World of Greyhawk monsters

Maztica and Horde monsters

Monsters from Dungeon Magazine

?Generic setting? Second Edition monsters

If none of these are to your liking, or there are things you want to see but are not available, don't worry - I open up new discussion threads from time to time.

And most of all - enjoy yourself! Remember, it's only a game! :D

Edit: fixed the links to other threads to coincide with the server change...
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Monster Junkie
Bumping, and seconding the request for a sticky.

Kudos to Scott and Eric for all their contributions!

And five big grins for BOZ!

:D :D :D :D :D


First Post
None of the links above works. It's all 404 file not found territory. Too bad, since I'll have to improvise the game tonight... :confused:


Creature Cataloguer
i'm sorry about that, but the status of the Creature Catalog is currently out of my control. I did fix the links in the first post that related to other threads on the forums, but i don't know how much that will be able to help you. travel over to this thread to inquire about the status of the CC site: http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=114870


Creature Cataloguer
in limbo. ;) seriously, we will get to those sooner or later... probably much later though. there are so many to go through first!

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