Kickstarter We're tired of being taken advantage of in this soul-crushing galaxy...


"We're tired of being taken advantage of in this soul-crushing galaxy.
The mega corps get relief funds. We get to work the relief shifts.
They report record profits. We report record hours.
Now we are free. Now we will report our own record profits.
Right from the coffers of the corps."

Freelancer's Guide to a profit-focused living is a deckbuilding tabletop roleplaying game about making a living in a megacorp ruled galaxy. You and your crew will create great plans the like characters in movies like Ocean's Eleven and Now You See Me, and then execute those plans like the characters in shows like Cowboy Bebop or Firefly.

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The Mega-corps

"Saving money for easy living" is the garbage Tramlaw shovels down society's throat. The truth is that are saving money for themselves. They sell the cheapest things: cheap for you to buy and cheap enough to break after a few uses. They have their fingers in a lot of pies in the galaxy, and they're always trying to reach more.


Everything flows through the Big River as they say, and honestly there's some truth to that. Big River is the largest distribution company in the galaxy, accounting for over 65% of all packages shipped. They have expanded their reach and have been gobbling up small stores on the frontiers so they can sell a wide variety of goods in many locations.


The galaxy’s largest military is a corporation. Milcom fuels the “war” between the Yents and the Humans, the Klebian Civil War, and the Nixxian’s expansion into the frontier. Some say they’re the only reason that the wars continue because war is good for business.

Freelancers live and die by their equipment and one of the fastest ways to be forced back to corporate slavery is to get overcharged on a piece of equipment. Here is a small peek at some items you will use on your missions.
  • UIM (Universal Interface Module) - A device that can be held in your hand or attached to your wrist. It interfaces with all types of electronics typical of any citizen. Contains a Camera, microphone, speaker, holographic caller display and can store thousands of media. Can monitor up to three devices at once. (Imagine a Mass Effect Omni tool)
  • Camera Shroud - This device sends a jamming signal to all cameras within sight range causing them to replay the last 30 seconds on repeat. Robots with ocular attachments have a -4 Awareness to see you when this effect is running. This effect lasts for 10 minutes. This device is a one time use.
  • Heat Goggles- while wearing these goggles, you can see the heat map of 12 meters around you.
  • Smuggler's Hatch - A secret compartment to store illegal material away from prying eyes. This is a 6 by 6 by 6 meter space of discrete storage. A ship cannot have more than half of its BP be a smuggler's hatch.
  • Purge - "This tablet draws toxins from all throughout your body into your stomach and then forces you to purge the contents of your stomach. Cure one Poison or radiation based status. Target starts their next turn prone."
  • Klebian Special - Reverses the gravity in two zones for one round. Everything effected takes fall damage if it collides with something. Everything effected cannot move for the round they are suspended in the air. There is no Resist to prevent this.

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