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ZEITGEIST What Are People's Experiences with the Zeitgeist Prestige Classes?


A player mentioned they want to get a Prestige Class in the future in a Level Up campaign I want to start, and I was a bit surprised. I actually didn't know that A5E had Prestige Classes! Anyway, a quick delve into the Zeitgeist book and I see that there is an interesting selection of PrCs. So my question is to Narrators that ran games with these: How did it go? Did the players that took up a PrC feel satisfied? Did their features feel balanced compared to others who levelled normally? Are there any homebrew rules or fixes that you apply for specific PrCs, or to the general mechanic of PrCs?

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A5E has prestige classes? Wouldn't they be on a5e.tools? Do I just not know where to look?
Now you have me curious 🤨
yep. the linking doesn't look done yet, though, and monument of war at least doesn't seem to exist...

for context, these are (adjusted) ports of the prestige classes from gears of revolution, which in turn were converted from the pathfinder prestige classes, which in turn were converted from the 4e paragon paths, which were made for the adventure path.

zeitgeist is weird.

And the Paragon Paths were in part influenced by the Themes, which were little add ones everyone got in 4e to give them a mechanical ability tied to the plot and setting elements.

Themes were originally developed by WotC for Dark Sun 4e.

I don't know anyone who has mentioned running a campaign with the adventures in ZEITGEIST era, which is set 20 years after the adventure path. Several groups have posted about running the campaign adventure path in 5e, but I don't know if anyone's actually using the newer book.

If anyone is, I would love to hear it.

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