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What are the major Greyhawk battles? Has anyone reenacted them?

Emery(sp?) Meadows was the original temple of elemental evil battle, and the reign of fire wasn’t so much a battle as a apocalypse. What others are there? Wasn’t there a Greyhawk City one?

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@darjr - Emridy Meadows

Battle of a Fortnight's Length (I think Nyrond vs Aerdy, but it's been a couple of decades so my memory could be wrong!)

I think there is some account of battles which led to Keoland's border states breaking away - I'd have to go to my books to get the names.

I don't recall any details on battles between Baklun and Suel, just the fact that there were many of them.

There are battles described between the "vikings" and Ratik and involving the Bone March - I don't think any of them have names.

The post-From the Ashes books describe various battles associated with, or consequence upon, the Greyhawk Wars.


Well, the obvious were the Greyhawk wars. And shortly before them, Gary had the armies of Tenser chase Robilar all over the place, eventually taking over Robilars castle outside of Greyhawk city.


I crit!
I wish his plans for a war game campaign for Greyhawk had come to fruition. I wonder if any of that will see the light of day.


Also, are you looking for specific battles or wars? There's the Short War, also called the Little War, where Imperial Keoland moved against Veluna, who as aided by Furyondy.

there was the Battle of the Opicm River (I think that's how it's spelled), where Iuz and the Horned Society joined forces to whomp the Rovers of the Barrens...

and it really depends on if you're talking before or after the Wars....


I was going to mention Osson's Ride (wee, I just did), but I forgot where it was originally mentioned so I can't give any detail.

Edit for More Detail: It was a sucidal raid into the Great Kingdom and its domain by Almorian forces under command of the titilar Osson to draw the GK forces away from Almor. You can read more about it here (especially the last three posts.
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