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What are you getting excited for?


Let's face it. We have a contentious political climate, a pandemic, devastated economy, massive protests, and the world is literally burning. The other day Colorado had snow AND wildfire smoke at the same time. Who had fire snow for the BINGO in 2020?

So anyway, let's try to focus on some good things. Otherwise we might be tempted to crawl into a ball in the corner until Jan 2021 lol.

What are you really getting excited for, rpg wise? It can be a product, something you're working on, some new dice, a video game, whatever.

For me, I've got some really positive things on the horizon, in no particular order:

1. Baldur's Gate III
2. Tasha's Cauldron
3. I'm working on an OSR clone that re-presents it in a modern more inclusive way. Both from visual presentation to some rule changes. And I'm working with some great diverse talent on this project to walk the talk.

so how about you? What are you really looking forward to before the alien invasion starts in 2021?

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Elder Thing
I'm looking forward to finishing and releasing our book on giant space hamsters (no, I'm not kidding) and I'm looking forward to finishing with the cultural review of our Zakhara book so I can get that released too.

I'm excited about Altar Quest, which should be arriving in a few weeks.

I'm excited about the Dead Milkmen 5e module I backed on Kickstarter, because I've been a fan of the band for like 25 years and I think the idea is hilarious.

I'm excited about the duckie dice I backed on Kickstarter showing up too, come to think of it.

I'm moving next week and I'm excited to be out of this place.

Right before I move I'm taking a mini vacation with my 6yo, during which we plan on playing a ton of D&D and HeeoQuest for like 4 days straight, and I'm super excited about that. (We used to play every Sunday but that ended in early July when my wife left l, and things have been pretty chaotic since then).

I WAS excited about the new Bill & Ted movie, and it exceed not only my expectations but my hopes as well.


40th lv DM
What am I excited for RPG wise....

* Our Sunday game - I'm prepping to run this group through either ToA, or the PF1 AP Mummies Mask. I'm not sure wich one yet, so I'm doing the initial prep for both.

* Yay! In our Thur game? The party is almost about to enter into Ravenloft (I6)/Ravenloft II (I10)/CoS. Just another few sessions....
This has been set up, hinted at, & foreshadowed literally since the 1st session of the campaign. They met Vistani in session 1, in sessions 2+ they acquired the Sun Sword hilt & learned what it is. Over the course of the last year they've repeatedly run into things that blatantly point them towards Mordentshire.... Including Madam Eva of the Vistani who TOLD them "Hang onto that (the Hilt) & when the time is right, bring it to us at our encampment at the base of the TSeR Falls.
(no, she did not tell them where that was. When they figure it out, that's when the time will be right. :) And either this coming session or the next they'll have found that answer. )
I would really really like to use the ridiculously expensive Beadle & Grimm deluxe CoS set for this. But B&G have said it won't ship until early-mid Nov. And has no definite ship date atm. :(
That will likely be too late for my game though as I don't think I can drag things out long enough for it to ship. And Thur. Oct 1st? We play on Thursdays! That is a fantastic date on wich to launch into a vampire adventure. I'm really loathe to miss that synergy .

*Product wise?
In the immediate future the only things that come to mind are;
1) The two up-coming D&D books - Frostmaiden & Tasha's
2) I'm interested in taking a look at that Neverland book I saw promoted on the home page here. I don't think I'm going to run out & buy it/order it right away, but I'll keep an eye out for it at my local B&N/BAM.
In the distant future?
3) The FR MTG set. But that's a year away, and we still have 3 months/18 days of 2020 to survive. Assuming I'm not dead, broke, or worse though come summer 2021, it looks like I'll be buying some MTG cards again after all these years....

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