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What are you listening to?

I only discovered Lacuna Coil due to listening to Delain which i found via Leaves Eyes which was discovered by looking up symphonic metal of all things lol

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A Wicked Kendragon
Somehow The Birthday Massacre sounds even better live:

Here's something ludicrous:

And here's something actually ludicrous made to look serious:


Staff member
Been listening to the new releases from De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.

I think that De La's CD is a more challenging release, with more misses than hits, but the hits- like "Lord Intended" and "Snoopys"- are utterly killer. Quest's disc is more consistent and fun to listen to, but it doesn't push the genre boundaries anywhere near as hard.

The guest list on each album tells the same story: Quest brings back triumphant performances by Bustah Rhymes...but De La introduces the rap world to Justin Hawkins and David Byrne.

Now I gotta find Missy Elliott's new one...

I have also still been binging on the YouTube upload of German Stoner rock band Colour Haze's 2006 album Tempel. I'm gonna have to get that one, and maybe a few more.

Current short list for music shopping:
King Crimson
Colour Haze
Missy Elliott
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