What are you reading in 2022?


Whatever gaps and slips there were in the first two Inspector Grant books, there weren't any in the third book now credited to Elizabeth MacKintosh's Josephine Tey pseudonym. It isn't an inspector grant book, but instead is the story of Miss Lucy Pym accepting an old friend's invite to visit a women's college in England in the 1940s to give a talk about her book. Definitely recommended. I'm also glad I didn't read the Amazon description (or any other) before picking it up.

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I just finished the third book in Brandon Sanderson's Skyward series: Cytonic. I'll be honest, it was kind of a slog. There were plenty of enjoyable moments . . . but I think that I'm just BrandoSando'd out at the moment. I've read almost all of his books in the past 9 months, and while they're overall really good, the style has started to get old. Especially due to this book being one of his more standard and boring novels and its twist not being that great (in comparison to those of Mistborn, Stormlight, Elantris, and even Steelheart). And the series went in a different direction after the first book than I was expecting and would have preferred. Maybe when I revisit the books sometime in the future I'll be able to appreciate them more. I'm going to put off reading the Skyward Flight Novellas until I've finished something by another author.

I still really liked and recommend Skyward, the first book in the series. It had a great cast, an engaging plot, and interesting twists for what I was going to be a pretty standard Space Opera novel. The series, for me, sadly peaked with the first book. Which is rare for Brandon Sanderson, because I personally enjoyed The Hero of Ages more than The Final Empire, Shadows of Self more than The Alloy of Law, and Words of Radiance more than The Way of Kings. The only other series of his that I think peaked in quality with its first book was Steelheart.

Now, onto finishing The Golden Compass. Maybe I can figure out what the hell is going on soon.


Still reading that instructors book about archery (mostly deals with Recurce-shooting though). And I am halways through a "Write Now!"- book with stuff for SF and Fantasy. I really need to finish those, though the archer-book is kind of moot, as it is so much about recurve-archery. Here in Sweden other material is preferred.

I have however finished reading Blades in the Dark. Interesting setting, but I am not sold on the system after a read-through. Would I like to try and play it? Yes. But I do not think I would be a good GM for it.

Also finished Wasteland King by Lilith Saintcrow. It was the thrid and last book in the Gallow and Ragged-series. Urtban fantasy where Fae interacts with humans, and it does not end well. I liked to book. she has a style of writing that is easy to read. And she is very prolific in her writing, so I have many more series to buy if I want them all. I have previouse read her Bannon & Clare-series, which was steampunk+magic.

Then I finsihed Reese & Reeves 2: Arpeggio by Krystine Brown. It is direct continuation of her previous book. I bought mine form the kickstarter she had to finance it. It is whimsical kind-of steampunk setting, but it is weird, with a lot of pop-culture references. LIke Mad Shelleys disease which turned people into undead monstrosities. Was so-so..

I will now start with an anthology of Cthulhuesque horror-stories by renowned Swedish horror-author Anders Fager, called Samlade Svenska Kulter. I have read some stuff from him before, as he had a number of novellas and 2 adventures as part of the kickstarter for the Swedish version of Call of Cthulhu.

I will also need to reread the rules for The Troubleshooters rpg (some stuff was added after I proof-read it), so I can make more adventures for it.

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