What are your C&C Races?


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Like the title says, what are your C&C races for your campaign?

Have you converted something from another product?

What are your changes to the "standard" races?

I love having serveral choices to offer my players as characters & me as npcs to interact w/the players (its fun to have something that looks like a hunched-back scorpion shouting "GLORY TO BANE!" :cool:

Currently I'm working on two bug inspired races; the Nhandu (a medium sized spider w/a love of art {these are pretty much adapted from Silverthorne Games Dalnoy}) & a as yet to be named scorpion race (who are lovers of both arcane & divine magic).

Also in the works is a race based on a model from Ral-Partha(from way back in the '80s) called a saurian; it looks like a barely large sized t-rex or allosaurus w/usable arms & hands (the model is wielding a scimitar)

I will probably have a a feline race (like the Rahkasa(sp) from the Isle of Dread & Expert D&D set from "back in the day) & a wolf like one (like the Lupin----anyone remember what dragon the Rakasta(sp) & Lupin are in?).

Half-Ogres will make an appearance---Half orcs are there as well, though, somewhat different as orcs' (In My World; IMW dor future refernce) physical characteristics are based on several animals (they could have a cats muzzle, reptillian eyes, ram horns, hooves for feet, tails, etc...the chieftans would have physical attacks that can use like gore, bite, claw, etc...

I also have a few "subraces" of the standard group.

I find alot of the fun is involved in making the cultures of the races from goverment set-up to what forms their money takes :)

Please share yours!


BTW: Why is there no "C&C" in the category pulldown?

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Brutorz Bill

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Sounds like you've got some great ideas!
My current C&C Campaign is loosely based in the Wilderlands, so there are potentially all kinds of races. My wife is playing a Sawilla (bird-descended folk converted from Talislanta),
That's going really well. I also hope to work in some of the races from Denizens of Avadnu, GREAT monster book!!
Looking forward to seeing your stuff!

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