What books did you use last session?


Lands of Intrigue sessions last week


3.5 core rules
Arcana Unearthed
Complete Book of Eldritch Might
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Castle Zadrian (AEG) -- the adventure



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First Post
Last Session - really just lots of planning, scheming, and roleplaying:
Monster Manual 3.5
PHB 3.5
Unearthed Arcana

The Iron Kingdom's Character Guide got pulled out for reading for a short while, but it wasn't utilized at all.


Eternal Optimist
Things are getting diverse for rules sources...

3.5e Core Rulebooks
Expanded Psionics Handbook - psychic warrior, prestige class
Monsters of Faerun - monsters
Monster Manual II - monsters
Book of Vile Darkness - templates and spells
Races of Stone - feats
Complete Warrior - feats
Complete Divine - feats
Book of Eldritch Might II - alternative sorcerer
Tome and Blood - prestige class, spells
Living Greyhawk Gazetteer - setting, deity choices
Dungeon Magazine #114 - adventure, "Torrents of Dread"

In many cases, it's just one feat (e.g. Practiced Spellcaster from CD and Heavy Armour Optimisation from RoS, but they're significant).



First Post
For the three year old Epic Campaign (ECL23 and rising) I used:

Epic Handbook - Epic Level Traps
Players Handbook - Details on Fighting While Squeezed & Spells.
Dungeon Masters Guide - Arcane Archer & Assassin PRC.
Oriental Adventures - Hengeyokia & Spirit Folk Races & Spells.
Forgotten Realms - Tiefling Race.
Kara-Tar Campaign - Party is currently in Shou Lung.
Tomb & Blood - Acolyte of the Skin PRC.
Complete Warrior - War Shaper PRC.
Complete Divine - Spells
Serpent Kingdoms - Spells
Masters of the Wild - Shifter PRC.
Dragon Magazine #289 - Poison Fist PRC & Magic Items.
Dragon Magazine #308 - Several magic items.
Magic of Faerun - Word of Chaos Power magic item & Spells.
Fiend Folio - Shator & Kelubar Demondand's.
Chaositech - Several gadgets and chaos based implants.
Book of Eldritch Might - Spells
Miniatures Handbook - Spells


First Post
We're running 3.5, and other than the three core rulebooks, we all used:
- Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
- Magic of Faerun
- Player's Guide to Faerun

I used:
- Monster Manual II for a few demons and undead templates

I will eventually use:
- Epic Level Handbook for the demi-lich template

Guess which adventure I'm DMing? :D

Jürgen Hubert

First Post
The PHB and some monster stats I copied from the SRD. That's it.

Mind you, the players used quite a lot of material from other books - the Expanded Psionics Handbook, Complete Warrior, and so on - but I don't bother with all of these. For NPCs the Core Rules are sufficient for my needs...


First Post
On Saturday, went to the local Scarred Lands game.

SL Guide to Monks & Paladisn (I'm playing a monk of Corean who flurries with a longsword... it's a glorious thing...)

Expanded Psionics Handbook (We have a psychic warrior in the party)

Hyperconscious (See above)

Unearthed Arcana (Action points and some other varaiants)

Advanced Player's Guide (Critical Hit system and some other variants like speed factors)

Quintessential Monk I & II (I like keeping my options open and another guy is playing a monk with a whip sword that becomes a chain so it's pretty interesting)

Monster Manual: No Creature Collection at this table today, just the good old MM.


First Post
Dragon #234: Nocturnal Crusade article -- 3.5 conversion of the Shroud of Sol's (read Pelor's) Embrace and The Chalk of Barriers
Dragon #293: Glaives of Azharadian prestige class and Milos Faskel (NPC)
Dragon #299: Heroes of Onnwal -- Rakehell Chert (NPC)
Dragon #305: Bladeworks Guild
Dragon #310: Variant Paladins -- The Anarch (new PC)
Living Greyhawk Gazetteer
Unearthed Arcana: Domain Mages
WoTC website: Elite Opponents Archive -- Fehlzahn, the Fiendish Gnoll Ranger
WoTC website: Monster Mayhem Archive -- Cildabrin, Large Aberration
Arms and Equipment Guide
DMG 3.5
MM 3.5
PH (3.0 & 3.5 -- we're currently transitioning)



3.5e Core Rulebooks (all of them)
Expanded Psionics Handbook
Races of Stone
Complete Warrior
Complete Divine
Dungeon Magazine #88
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Player's Guide to Faerûn
Races of Faerûn
Unapproachable East
Lords of Darkness
Magic of Faerûn
Monsters of Faerun

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