D&D (2024) What could One D&D do to bring the game back to the dungeon?

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Matt Colville had a video about this I seem to recall. He talked about the item list in the PHB and how it is only there now for us to fondly recall the items and then nobody uses them. He talks about 1e and being fragile. Using your 10ft pole to prod through dungeons above and below for traps- hoping to get enough coin to be able to buy a hooded lantern. Then you would not need to count your torches. Counting arrows meant something since you engaged in melee meant you could die. The game was set up around the crawl and this mundane record keeping.
That is a great video.


He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
I put the onus on adventure writing and not the system. I mean, I'm not saying the system has nothing to do with exploration, but I don't think 5E needs changes here. Dungeon crawling is often boring because there is little point beyond kill things and take their stuff. What is the history of the place? What secrets does it hold? Make it interesting to explore and not just a pit to sink resources into again again.

So, probably more stuff in the DMG for GMs to build their own interesting dungeons. Perhaps even a DMG II that focuses on campaign building with a dedicated section on dungeon crawling. Also, adventures that are good, which often WotC ones are not (IMO of course).

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