D&D what does Orc+Elf equal?

I spoke to the DM tonight, and some slight changes...

+1 str +1 Dex -2 cha
Pale green skin with elven features but pointy teeth, and red eyes that glow in the dark. Dark black hair.

The ability to multi Assassin/Ranger with Assassin cap at 11 (12 if I have a 17 dex and 13 if I have 18 dex and 14 if I have a 19, and 15 if I have a 20+) but in Ranger 7(8 if I have 17 wis 9 if I have 18 wis 10 if I have 19 and 11 if I have a 20+wis)

Magic User max at 7th Fighter at 8th and Thief is unlimited

Infravision 60ft 30% Resistance to sleep spells.
SO I just rolled my stats and hp... (I end up a 3/3 4,501 xp and 3001 xp)

15 Str
17 Dex
16 Con
14 Int
16 Wis
11 Cha

Hp I rolled 1st level and 2d8 came up 14 and 1d6 came up 6 so I ended up with 10hp then for 2nd level I rolled 1d8 and got 7 and 1d6 and got 4, so 5hp, and for third level I rolled 1d8 and got 5 and 1d6 and got 5 so I ended up with 5hp... so before Con I have 19hp I end up with +6hp from con, so 25 total... I am a tank...

I have a 3pt def adjustment from my dex and Studded leather and a shield witch gives me a 3 AC

I get 3 weapon profs, I took Kurkri (short sword), Long Sword, and light cross bow

Assassin will cap at level 12 and Ranger at 7 unless I find a magic way to boost my stats...

I can't do my skills till game time because I don't have a copy of there skill system... I know it is based on a list of about 30 skills each one you start with either double or triple your ability score in it, and if you are a thief or Assassin you get x number of points to break up to them per level.
The primary way to up them is to use them in play and get a check mark or two in them, then after each scenero you roll to see if the ones you have checked go up or not...


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Believe it or not (I was there and I don't thin I believe it.) that was 4d6 drop the lowest 6 times then arrange to suit
Great, now try really extra hard to not get this character killed; the next one you roll will have five 7's and one 13. ;)

In a 2E Dark Sun game, one of the players rolled two 18's and 00 for psionics--in front of everyone (using the same method). It was impressive. He also got an eighteen-ninety-something strength (18/97?)--I can't quite remember.
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I don't have a copy of there skill system... I know it is based on a list of about 30 skills each one you start with either double or triple your ability score in it, and if you are a thief or Assassin you get x number of points to break up to them per level.
The primary way to up them is to use them in play and get a check mark or two in them, then after each scenero you roll to see if the ones you have checked go up or not...
That sounds like it's Runequest-inspired.
Here's a very old post, for 3.0, don't even remember which forum it was....

Topic: Half-elf/Half-orc? (all problem)

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I came up with an odd take on this. There were no half elf/orcs, but there were half half-elf/half-orcs - that is, a child born of a half-elf or human with some elven blood and a half orc or human with some orcish blood.

The result was called a Schlangar (a combination of the orcish and elven words for 'abomination').

Schlangar were not much like elves or orcs, they were basically of human build and coloration, but had disturbing jet-black eyes (no whites). They are insightful and observant, which tends to make them all the more disturbing to others.

Stats: Wis +2, CHA -2

Abilities: Schlangar have an expanded visual range - they can see twice as far in dim illumination, like an elf, and can see up to 60' in darkness, like an orc. But, they cannot use Darkvision if they are within the radius of ilumination of light as strong as a torch, and either form of enhanced vision takes a full round to 'adjust' to new conditions (a Schlangar thrust into darkness would be blind for a round, one suddenly coming into dim illumination would see normal distance for 1 round, then double on the next - one going from full darkness into bright light is also blind for a round).

Racial Skills: None. Schlangar are said to have keen senses, but, in reality, they just tend to pay more attention (higher WIS) to the world around them.

Blood: Schlangar are considered human for purposes of racial magic.

Languages: Common, may learn other languages for high INT, but usually not elven or orcish.

Favored class: Cleric. Schlangar gravitate towards a strange mystery religion. Clerics of this religion must have a neutral component to their alignment, and can be True Neutral; they choose from the domains of: Luck, Death, Knowledge, & Trickery. The 'holy' symbol used is a trisected cricle, and adherents of the religion do not cut their hair (usually braiding it or tying it back).



  • Stats: The Schlangar are rare creatures, the blending of hated enemies with very different natures. Elves being long-lived, free-spirited, and fun-loving, orcs being short-lived, brutal, cruel. The combination of inborn impulses in a Schlangar is bizarre. They empathize with both bloodlust and love of beauty, with cruel ambition and carefree joy. This gives them a tendency to look at things from multiple perspectives, and to examine their own motivations deeply from an early age. Thus, the high Wisdom. Their insights, as well as their heritage and for that matter, creepy eyes, make them deeply disturbing to other races. Thus the reduced charisma.
  • Abilities: Darkvision and Low-light are very different senses, and the Schlangar, though inheriting both, have trouble switching from one to another. The transition isn't just a little slow, but actually painful. To see the world in two completely different ways is quite a challenge.
  • Racial Skills & Languages: Schlangar are hated and reviled by both elves and orcs (and most half-elves and half-orcs). They rarely ever learn the languages and skills of their full-blooded relatives. Those that display such knowledge are viewed as even greater 'abominations.'
  • Blood: This is a hint at the campaign history and cosmology. Humans, elves and orcs all come from a common stock, and, in a 4-element based alchemical system, elves lack the Fire Element, while orcs suffer from an excess of it. Elven and orcish 'blood' thus cancels out, leaving the Schlangar very human-like. The implication is that humans are the result of ancient mixing of the elven and orcish lines.
  • Favoured Class: Cleric seems obvious, with the Schlangar's high Wisdom, but, the low CHA also hurts them in this class. Schlangar are outcast from the usual spiritual support of elven, orcish, and even human cultures. Those that don't die or go mad seek out their own personal meaning. The mystery cult they are drawn to is intentionally, well, /mysterious/, saying much about it would spoil the effect. However, though they can't worship Correllon or Gruumsh, they can just as easily be Clerics of conventional deities.

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Honestly, I already find the existing half-races to be obnoxiously stupid and their interaction with the weird gamer instinct towards mathematical symmetry to be downright corrosive to the narrative elements served by having different races in the first place.

The reason that the most commonly published half-breeds are all half-human is that humans are the only mortal race that can readily breed with others... and any such being should be a mutually exclusive modifier on human mechanics rather than having its own separate race entry.

Since I am unable to provide a useful reply, I'm glad that you and your DM seem to have worked something out. Good luck!
Years ago (too many to mention numbers), I helped write a campaign that included many half races.
In addition to the normal half-breeds (1/2 elf and 1/2 orc), we had:

Dwonome (1/2 dwarf, 1/2 gnome)
Gnomling (1/2 gnome, 1/2 halfling)
Half-Dwarf (1/2 dwarf, 1/2 human)
Tarnat (1/2 dwarf, 1/2 orc)
Ulf (1/2 elf, 1/2 dwarf)
Gnoblin (1/2 deep gnome, 1/2 [psionic] blue goblin)
Half-Dragon (1/2 dragon, 1/2 human or demihuman (including half breeds but no goblinoids or orcs) [These were our only possible 1/4 breeds]
But orc/elf combo, never considered it.

We had a half-breed template that took care of other races we hadn't considered.
We also house-ruled that most (95%) half-breeds are sterile. If someone wants to play a 1/4 breed for 1/2 dragon, they can; but there are no other 1/4 breed racial combinations.
I do have rules for all these half-breed races if anyone is interested.