D&D 5E What does your group look like?


A bunch of dudes in their late 30s and early 40s with varying degrees of weight gain and facial hair (and hair loss)... I don't think anyone needs a photo! My groups used to be much more diverse...

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An Orcish Warrior, a Sleestak Burglar and a Human Shaman. (Art by Jeremy Hart)

Ripper Thidrek Karl.jpg


Al-Qadim group...


Left to right:
Kaniel (half-orc mamluk dervish)
Najiyah (wish-born human fire elementalist)
Akilah (half-elven noble vizier hakima)
Ankabut (human holy slayer of the Soft Whisper)
Salahuddin (human sha'ir)

One of your players named his character "Spider"? Is it just a nickname?


In the game I'm currently running, we have a male elf Fighter named Legolas (not THE Legolas, but another elf that just happens to have the same name) who primarily fights with a bow and arrow, a female human Rogue named Violet who wields dual daggers, and a male elf Wizard named Iban Ezz, all level 3.


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  • male human cleric/barbarian with light eyes, blonde hair, no armor, and a mace
  • male human fighter/monk with light eyes, light hair, no armor, and a greatsword
  • male human fighter with light eyes, dark hair, medium armor, and a longsword
  • female elf ranger with green eyes, dark hair, light armor, and twin daggers
  • female fey wolf
  • male halfling rogue with light eyes, medium hair, light armor, and a dagger

My current group loves using tidbits of Homebrew and pulling from various books. We're all 20th level, so things are crazy. I've got a Barbarian using a custom race and primal path that found a Manual of Bodily Health and a Manual of Gainful Exercise. Due to the inclusion of Epic Boons, he's immortal and has a 30 Constitution and 30 Strength. As for our other party members, we've got a new friend looking to try; she's running an Arcane Trickster Lightfoot Halfling Rogue. We've also got a Gunslinger Fighter, a suit of animated Armor of Invulnerability, a High Elf Divination Wizard, and a Knowledge Domain Cleric. I don't have pictures of the party members off-hand.


One of your players named his character "Spider"? Is it just a nickname?

The idea behind holy slayers is that they're taken from their old life and given a new name by the Grandmaster of their assassin order. So "Spider" was the name she was given by the Grandmother of the Soft Whisper.


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My town-to-dungeon campaign, The Delve has about 20 PCs in it total (only 4 may play per session), but the most active ones are:

Valgus, dragonborn cleric of the Storm Unending, now a revenant (played by [MENTION=6801813]Valmarius[/MENTION])
Elron Huckabee, human rogue/cleric of The Trickster
Mel'endir, drow dragon sorcerer
Gil Brightwood, human (Dex) fighter
Thak, dragonborn fighter
Dr. Felix Delve, human rogue

So, heavy on the dragon-types and humans for some reason.

In my D&D 4e game, we have a motley crew:

Vector Sanchez, warforged wizard
Streetwise Hercules, goliath fighter
Doctor Holy, deva cleric
Yuri Redsquare, human avenger and his sidekick Sulimov (a blink dog)
Shiv Palmer, human rogue (played by [MENTION=6801219]Lanliss[/MENTION])


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Fun thread! I love seeing other people's motley crews. :)

Here's my ENWorld OotA PbP group:


Surana the human barbarian (art by Larry Elmore)
Ezraen the half-drow paladin (art by David Woodward)
Erevan the elven rogue. His player didn't submit a pic, so this is just a quick doodle I did when he and Surana were in an angry stare-off.
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