D&D General what happened to vaults of pandius?

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the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
Looks like the sites pandius.com and aklegal.net are both on IP address, and it looks like the primary site for that IP is the aklegal.net domain.

The pandius.com domain does not have an SSL certificate (to use HTTPS instead of HTTP), but the aklegal.net site does, so I think if you (or your browser) try https://pandius.com you will get (after clicking through the security prompts) the lawyer site. Try connecting just to http://pandius.com and see if that works.

i tried changing my dns, and that didnt work either
Are you going to http://pandius.com as opposed to https://pandius.com as suggested above? When I use the http protocol, I go to the Pandius site. When I use https, I go to the Alaskan law-related assistance site.

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