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What is A Mountain?

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As long as i get to be the frog
my take

Mountain - those big things sticking up in the distance

Hill - anything near me that one in decent health could feasibly walk up

It turns out alot of mountains become hills the closer you get to them.
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I always found it odd that Mount Waterdeep is only 700 feet in elevation. I've seen ant hills in my back yard bigger than that.


Silly question right but let me indulge.

I was reading Dragon of Ice Spire Peak. The peak is 2500 feet high. My brain approximated that in meters. Around 700.

Apparently 762 meters. Ice Spire Peak. To me that's a glorified hill.

Mount Cargill dominates the skyline here.
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676 meters cold Winters day. Doesn't exactly scream ice or Peak. It's a few hours hike basically.

We hike up here. We saw runners today running up it.

It peaks at 739 meters similar in size to Ice Spire Peak. 1-2 hours depending on where you ascend from add another hour if you do the Ridgeline.

Today we went about half way up we like the forest walk.
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12 years old school camp we hiked up around 1300 meters (small mountain. It's peak was 1600 meters and you can get up some around 2000 meters without being a climber.

Anyway my perspective may be a bit warped the Sword Mountains equivalent a 5-10 drive from house depending on traffic and a 1-3 hour hike depending on where you want to start from and ascend to.

30 minutes north 700 odd meters up.

Small mountain 1300 meters.

So what's a mountain to you?
In our own country Zardnaar:

The main thing generally though is to make sure it isn't a K'Chain Che'Malle device instead (having just read some Malazan books)




Ra8ning yesterday but made it to the top. 8:45am started.


Heading up.

Mah city.
Looking west still a bit of snow on the peaks heading into sumner.

Facing north Mount Cargill. Bit smaller than Dragonspire. You can walk their from here following a Ridgeline then crossing over.

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