What is the largest animal that you think you could beat in a fight?

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He / Him
A blue whale. Only on land though.
You stole my answer!

My other pedantic answer would be a human, especially since I am trained in martial arts.

In the spirit of the question, though: I'm fairly certain I could take on a sloth. They can get pretty big. Also a goose or swan. I know they can be vicious, but they have hollow bones!

However I'm not really one to enact violence on animals, other than mosquitoes.


This lovely fellow was sitting out on the porch at my former place of employment way back in 2015. He let me get very, very close because I guess he liked having his photo taken. The closer I got, the bigger his claws seemed to get. Given the disparity between our sizes, I doubt he'd come after me. But, man, you don't think about that when you're close to claws that large.

I'm going to stick with land mammals and I'm going to go with grizzly or polar bear. Is it likely I'd win? No. But it's conceiveable that I might be able to sacrafice an arm in order to choke it to death. Odds are good I'd be bear food, but there's a remote chance I could beat it and survive to tell stories of how I lost my arm.


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