What is the largest animal that you think you could beat in a fight?


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Like, a badger maybe? But they're vicious. A really big chicken. Or a bear but it's blindfolded and is wearing boxing gloves and I am in a tank.

OK, without cheating, no weapons. Largest animal you could beat in a fight? Not including humans, obvs.

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I think my limit is big dogs. The largest breed in the world gets up to 230lb/104kg. That's big, but I'm bigger. They also have some some weaknesses that other animals can't really exploit, but a human can. Just have to make sure you don't let them get on top of you and focus on their eyes, nose, and groin.

I probably don't win every time, but anything bigger than that is going to beat me 100% of the time.


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Bigger doesn't necessarily mean badder. I've seen a pretty big guy mauled by a badger (small). I've also seen a small-ish guy lick an alligator (not small). There's a lot more than goes into this equation than size. [Edit: That said, I'm gonna go alligator, as well. There's a technique that will allow even small guys and gals to wrastle a gator. And I am not small.]
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