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WotC What is the last WotC adventure you played in or DM'd?

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The last one was Descent Into Avernus. I hated how they've fired Mike Mearls. Tasha was the first 5E product I didn't buy and hasn't bought anything since then. Our group switched to Forbidden Lands later on.
I hated how Mike Mearls protected a sexual harasser.


Even when I still played 3.5 (I haven't touched D&D since as player/DM, am touching 5e now as a publisher) I only ran homebrew modules. So my answer is never - I have never ran a WotC adventure module in my entire life. I did run some TSR modules back in 1e/2e days, but I started homebrewing back then, and subsequently never purchased another paid for module. I have written, play-tested and published modules myself, but haven't touched a published module that I didn't homebrew in the first place in nearly 30 years.


We finished CoS a year or so ago, and now I’m running the same group through a home brewed sequel using some 2e and 3PP content.

Currently running Tyrrany of Dragons with a different group.

After that, looking forward to running Storm King, or Frostmaiden.


As DM: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

As player: Out of the Abyss

Both currently ongoing. Before that, of the wotc 5e, Curse of Strahd as a player and Phandelver multiple times as a player and GM.
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I've ran Lost Mines of Phandelver and Dragon of Icespire Peak along with extended material available on DDB. As a player, Curse of Strahd and currently Descent Into Avernus.


Magic Wordsmith
Last one I DMed was the TftYP version of Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan which was so bad I haven't run another WotC adventure since. It would take me less time to do a dungeon from scratch than to fix the problems in most of these products.

Last one I played was Rime of the Frostmaiden. DM did a good job but the adventure was just okay in my view. All of our characters were parodies of Will Ferrell characters. I played Icewind Dale, based on Chazz Michael Michaels from Blades of Glory.

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