WotC What is the last WotC adventure you played in or DM'd?


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Hmmmm - specifically WotC adventures rather than TSR? Probably the bit of Princes of the Apocalypse I chopped out and reworked, but that was 7+ years ago.

The last one I tried to run mostly-stock other than edition conversion? That'd be Forge of Fury, about 11 years ago, with the "tried to run" being because they only got partway through then (for valid in-game reasons) gave up on it.

The last TSR module I ran was The Gauntlet, a year and a half ago. The last canned module of any kind was Druids of Doom (Judges' Guild) last year; sine then it's been all homebrew.

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I am currently running Tomb of Annihilation and Dungeon of the Mad Mage for my two groups and playing in the AL Eberron Oracle of War series.


White Plume Mountain. What a classic!

I like putting those short adventures into my home brew campaigns on occasion. Got two great sessions out of that one - the traps alone are worth the price of admission.


I started my 5E stint with running Lost Mines of Phandelver. I’ve also run:

  • Ghosts of Saltmarsh (up through The Final Enemy, with several home brewed add-ons)
  • Tales of the Yawning Portal - White Plume Mountain
  • One-shot Curse of Strahd game, focusing on Castle Ravenloft

I’ve played in Tomb of Annihilation as a player, but it was a bad experience. I think we’ve finally managed to shut that game down.

I also played in a Rime of the Frostmaiden game, but that game was put on indefinite hold in favor of playing a Theros game - which has been completely homebrewed.

I’ve also run several homebrewed adventures based on WotC properties - a one-shot Ravenloft Falkovia game (sort of a Walking Dead scenario), a homebrewed Tower of Xenopus (loosely based on the example adventure in the Holmes basic game) and a one-shot Ravenloft 5E converted Night of the Living Dead.

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