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D&D 5E What is timeline relationship between BG3 and BD:DIA? (minor spoilers)


There are a lot of similarities and thematic ties between BG DIA and BG3:

Refugees, references to the blood war and Zariel, the Dead 3, Duke Ravenguard, Hell Riders. The Refugees flooding Basilisk gate in particular is identical to chapter 1 of DIA.

That said they can not be happening at the same time because in BG DIA Ravengard is in Hell and in BG 3 he is not.

Is there a cannon timeline of events at play here?
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Is there a cannon timeline of events at play here?

Both take place after Decent to Avernus (that was when development started on both games), but BG3 supposes a different outcome to that adventure.

WotC policy: "there is no canon".

Applies double with regard to computer games.


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Wizards has a problem when it comes to canonical timelines in the 5E era. They basically don't want to advance the timeline.

Teos "Alphastream" Abadia did a good article about when most of the adventures are set. You can find it here: The Official Timeline for the Forgotten Realms and Its Adventures | Alphastream

As you can see, Descent into Avernus is potentially 1494 DR.
The official date of BG3 is 1492 DR.

Despite that, BG3 refers to events of DiA.

(Alphastream's notes: "The adventure Descent into Avernus has a Baldur’s Gate gazetteer that describes it as being in 1492 DR. However, Elturel descends in 1494.")

Honestly, I have no faith in any aspect of Forgotten Realms lore from anyone at the current Wizards of the Coast. Larian is far more attentive to details than they are.


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