D&D General What is your favorite class(es), and what about makes them so fun?


Just like the title says. What are your favorite classes, and what about them mechanically do you find fun? Please no edition warring. I'd rather focus on what you like about a class rather than point out how something someone likes is badwrong or broken. Thanks. This is across any edition.

For me:
Fighter (b/x): Sometimes I like a class that doesn't have any resources to keep track of, or powers or abilities. Especially if I'm playing a quick game. I come from an era where player skill was a thing, and I enjoy how you just came up with whatever you wanted to do and it usually was just an ability check. Simple and easy.

Thief (2e): by changing the thief skill progression to what they did, I think they really fixed a major issue with the thief from 1e. Compared to the other classes, this method really put into the skill monkey field, and they shined at it. You chose which skills to get good at fast, and you were the only class that could (except somewhat for bard).

Fighter, Rune Knight (5e): so much to love about this class. I played one up to level 11 and had a ton of fun with it. The mechanics really supported the thematic elements of it.

Druid (2e Shapeshifter, and 5 moon druid): I've always like classes that could shapeshift into useful creatures (not just combat, but exploration and role-playing). Had the most fun with these two.

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Some reason I always like thieves or rogues. Maybe it is being able to do more than fight or cast spells. Having all the skills to do things makes it more versatile. 4e rogues had some cool powers and I liked how they could make daggers 1d6 weapons. 5e had lots of sneak attack damage for more dice to roll.


I've always liked wizards (any edition), the spell collection game was always a fun one for me.

The elf (becmi) was a close second because it combined combat and magic, what's not to like there!

Swordmage (4e) was cool, though I never got a chance to play it. My group didn't get too far I to 4e before people moved which made gaming difficult.

Fighter (any edition) is another fun class because sometimes you just want to hit people with pointy things. Barbarian is also fun for this reason.

Sorcerer (any edition) was a class I also enjoyed in 3e, much better in pathfinder though as they came up with numerous bloodlines that changed things around a bit. I like the 5e one but disappointed that they stole metamagic from all the other casters.


Top favourite:

3e binder. Absolutely my favourite class. Just so much fun without all the fiddly caster bits. You get to choose what class you want to be every day.

Runner up: 4e warlord. The tactical depth in combat is fantastic. The way it breaks initiative and allows you to share the spotlight with everyone at the table makes it a fantastic class.


Today, it will be Paladin.

Extremely evocative. Plays into a wide range of tropes. Mechanically distinct. Has a foot in the caster and martial realm. Alignment and the settings Cosmology (used to) play a bit part in the class.

4e: swordmage. i had way too much fun teleporting into rooms, marking the biggest guy inside, and then running off to dismantle the enemy formation, daring the big guy to go after anyone but me.
5e: paladin. i've only played a one-shot as one, but i've seen them in play over very long periods of time and dear god are they incredible frontliners. also the divine warrior filled with fury and conviction is an incredibly cool archetype imo.
pf2e: fighter. haha, sudden charge into an easy crit go brrr. but seriously, pf2e fighters feel like the masters of arms and tactics that fighters SHOULD be. fighters are probably my favourite class from a thematic perspective and pf2e does them so well.
luA5E: also fighter. i haven't gotten a chance to play LU yet, but maneuvers look like the spice i've been looking for on 5e fighters, so i have a feeling i'd really like playing one.


Always far more into story/roleplay than managing resources, so I tend to opt for fighter, rogue and ranger more than any other class. I do quite like the 5e bard though, and played one in Curse of Strahd.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
2e: barely remember but I recall loving the Bard.

3.5: Bard, Ranger, Warlock.

4e: Assassin, Hexbladed, Bard, Monk, ranger (once I could use rituals and a theme and essentials utility powers to make a proper ranger)

5e: Monk, Warlock, rogue, artificer


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I can’t claim a single class as a favorite, but across editions played thus far, I tend to play PCs that combine supernatural and mundane abilities.

That generally means I’m “multiclassing” in some way, but I’ll also play classes that blend both together. It also means that I’ll look at alternative methods of bringing supernatural elements into the mix: races, feats, templates, etc.

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